On the surface Delilah is perfection personified. But in her case the old saying 'its underneath what counts' really should be taken into consideration. At a party, Delilah's perfect life is shattered, not for the first time and everybody sees her in a completely different light. Can she claw her way back up to the top- and battle her guilt and sorrow- by proving that she has been wrongfully accused?


2. Attention is a drug.


“You look beautiful!” a party guest, Samantha cooed, reaching over to hug Delilah, who smiled gratefully. It was little over an hour after her little episode and she was fresh faced and cheery again. Any evidence of her breakdown had disappeared completely. She’d been so silly to think about The Issue, especially today of all days. There was no point dwelling on it. It was in the past, it was over. 

She stood on the wide, square front porch of her house, making sure that Fred and Louis, the two boys she’d asked to work the doors- with a list of a few people who she refused to let into her home- were doing their job properly.
“Yeah, looking hot!” Samantha’s date, winked in a flirty manner.
“Hey!” Samantha hit him on the head with her silver clutch purse. Delilah giggled. 
She decided to stand by the doors for a little while longer, enjoying the compliments she received 
from the guests and swaying slowly to the music playing out by the pool, that was being carried to her on the soft summer breeze. She was feeling more relaxed by the second.

She made chit chat with Fred and Louis.
“Its so cool of your parents to let you have this party!” Fred said, taking a large gulp from the can of Strongbow he was holding. Delilah squirmed uncomfortably on the spot.
“Hey, hey wait up! They don’t know do they? Louis grinned and playfully nudged her.
“Well I guess you could say that,” Delilah grinned mischievously, trying to pretend that the guilty expression that had passed over her pretty features was because of the illicit party that was taking place.

Really however, she was more uncomfortable at the mention of her mum and dad. Everyone always assumed that her Aunt and Uncle were her parents and she never corrected them. In fact not even Ellis knew that they weren’t her mum and dad. It was easier that way, to let them assume.
That way she didn’t have to explain the truth. She wasn’t lying. Just not being 100% truthful.
“Anyway boys, you can come in, in a bit, I doubt anyone else is going to show up, there’s already like 200 in there!” She gestured to the house, then flounced through the door.

Inside, there were kids everywhere. Some sitting in a circle on the floor playing a drinking game, others making out on the seats, and a group sitting on the kitchen counters, eating the snacks Delilah had laid out. 
“Hey De!” a girl with long brunette hair called out from her place on the floor. She had shot glasses containing a bright green liquid, balancing on the back of her hands.
“You look great!” Jason James exclaimed, in his usual camp manner.someone exclaimed
“Thanks for inviting us De!” the boy closest to her exclaimed, breaking from a kiss with his girlfriend, who grinned at Delilah before clumsily crashing her lips into his again.
Delilah grinned. Receiving attention was one of her favourite past times.

She strutted through the house and blew a kiss to a group of chattering girls, who sat drinking from a bottle of vodka and they waved back madly. She emerged onto the patio. Outside the air was still warm and smelt of coconut sun cream, alco-pops and aftershave.
Kids were splashing around in the pool, most of them drunk and slightly raucous. She spied Eleanor and Ellis standing in the wooden gazebo at the other end of the large garden.The Gazebo had been decorated with sparkling fairy lights and there was a boom box inside it, blasting a Killers track.

As she approached them, Ellis handed her one of the red, plastic cups they’d bought at the supermarket earlier that day, with a strong smelling liquid sloshing around inside it. She took it and sniffed it suspiciously.
“What is it?” Ellis lifted her effortlessly up by the hips and sat her down on the railing of the gazebo. He kissed her neck. 
“Just a well deserved drink,” he said, his lips moving against her skin. She shivered with pleasure.
“There’s not a date rape drug in there, is there?” She whispered mockingly in his ear. He faux gasped and took the cup from her, setting it down on a wooden bench before leaning her backwards and dangling her over the railing. 
Delilah giggled, “Let me back up El!” The blood was rushing to her ears. He pulled her back up. 
“Cheeky!” He murmured. She giggled again and kissed him passionately on the lips, her hands snaking their way into his hair, his cradling her back, stopping her from falling. Ellis pulled away, “As if I need one anyway,” he smirked.He moved his face towards hers again but she ducked out of the way, picking up her cup and chugging it down, waggling her eyebrows and winking at Ellis, who rolled his eyes, grinning. Delilah felt the liquid scorching down her throat and enjoyed the tingling feeling that it brought to her stomach, before extending to her legs and arms. How nice it was to forget everything along with the buzz of alcohol.

The night slowly transformed into one to remember. Delilah, Eleanor and Ellis spent the first half of the night together. Later on Louis and Fred came in from working the doors and Daisy and her boyfriend Raj joined them to make up Delilah’s closest, most selective group of friends. Together they played a drinking game then stripped out of their party clothes and bombed into the pool.

The water was still warm and everyone shivered in delight as they began to play chicken fight. It was absolutely comical to watch Louis try to sit on Fred’s shoulders.“Hey get your balls out of my face!” Fred bellowed. Louis belched in reply. Soon, other people from the party began to join in and Delilah decided to get another drink.She hoisted herself haphazardly out of the pool. She was slightly woozy and once she was out of the water, she forgot what she had been going to do.The heavy bass of the music was causing the ground to vibrate and she enjoyed the felling in her feet, swinging her hips back and forth, forgetting that she was wearing nothing but her black and pink, flower embroided lingerie. She flipped her slightly damp hair and threw her arms above her head. Soon a group of appreciative boys gathered around her wolf whistling. 

Ellis glanced up from refilling his drink to see his petite girlfriend dancing sexily on the patio, his eyes darkening with jealously at the group of boys surrounding her. Eleanor noticed Ellis watching and grabbed Daisy’s hand. She knew that Delilah loved Ellis but she also knew that she craved attention and she had zero shame when she was drunk.
“Better go and join in so Ellis doesn’t get too jealous!” She giggled.
The two girls swept hand in hand, over to Delilah and began to swivel around next to her. More and more girls joined then, some wearing their party outfits, others in wet underwear or bikinis. The boys joined in then, jumping up and down to the loud thumping beat. 

“THIS IS SO FUN!” Daisy exclaimed, flicking her copper red hair out of her eyes.
“I know-” Eleanor started her sentence grinning excitedly but trailed off, her face dropping.Delilah saw a sudden sign of alarm in her friend’s almond shaped blue eyes and stopped dancing.
“What?!” She exclaimed.
Eleanor wordlessly pointed to the door of the house, tucking a strand of curly blonde hair behind her ear and swallowing loudly. Delilah strained her neck trying to see, but Eleanor was unusually tall, taller than most the boys at the party in fact and whereas she could see over everyone’s heads, Delilah and Daisy couldn’t.
"What Ells?” Delilah said, sobering up quite rapidly, the dark ominous feeling from earlier resurfacing. 
“Emma Odin is here.”


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