Wild Flowers

Eight months ago, Daisy' s parents died in a car accident. After an age of social workers, her godmother (Jenny) arrives out of the blue on on her foster mum' s doorstep, turning her life upside down and whisking her away for a life of love, laughter, and wild flowers.


4. winding roads

Four hours later and we're trundling down a winding dirt path, clouds of dirt filling the hot air in our wake. Fields of cattle, sheep and horses pass by and I rest my forehead against the warm, Dusty glass of Jenny's battered vw camper van. We pass through a small village, all stone cottages, ancient walls dripping in moss and lichen, and hedge rows tangled with wild flowers. It reminds me of the holidays back in the good old days. I groan and try to sleep, it's been a long day.

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