Wild Flowers

Eight months ago, Daisy' s parents died in a car accident. After an age of social workers, her godmother (Jenny) arrives out of the blue on on her foster mum' s doorstep, turning her life upside down and whisking her away for a life of love, laughter, and wild flowers.


3. Cardboard Boxes


How did I end up like this? A glass-like tear slipped down my cheek and dripped onto the golden handheld mirror that had once been my mother's. On the reverse was a cheerful enough young couple, smooching whilst sat on a swing, surrounded by flowers, beauty, and love.  When I was little, I would trace the young girl's slight, soft, harmonic features and stroke her true love's handsome figure whist my mum got ready for work. Ha! Now, I just stare at my reflection- blotchy, red patches appearing below my eyes.  The door creaked open, and in tiptoed Mandy. I turned away so she wouldnt have to see my face. She balanced a few cardboard boxes on the end of my bed and creeped away- I had to pack. I dragged my clothes out of my wardrobe and sorted them into piles- too small, too scruffy, too stained, school, casual, and so on.I hardly had anything. Then, I sweeped up my makeup, straighteners, hairdryer, jewellery. Another box: pictures of my past life, a scrapbook from when I was little, cute little drawings I'd done donkey's years ago. memories. they would definitely be put in the attic at jenny's house!  After and hour of packing (and a considerable amount of time moping over what had been, and gone) I emerged, tear stained and in need of coffee. Jenny put my boxes in her van- I only had five- and the came up to get me. Time for a fresh start... AGAIN.    

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