Painful, Conspicuous Love

A seven year love


1. His Eyes

                  *For the love and loss competition*


                 No matter how much I wanted you to be mine, we couldn't be together. I love you to the point of insanity but, we just...... can't be together. You were not meant to be mine. You are Untameable. Unreachable. I will die alone, if not with you.

               The last time I saw your golden brown eyes, I was a mere 14 years old. And now seven years later, I was able to see those painfully beautiful, lonely eyes once more.

                 As time slipped through my fingers, I slowly realized how long it had truly been since I last saw you. Every-time I saw you, you always looked so... unkempt, disheveled at the sight of her auburn colored hair and her crimson eyes. But, she never looked at back at you, she had another to which her crimson eyes followed. Your eyes always filled with the green of envy.

                 At the time, I didn't realize, I felt, the same pain you did, the same aggravation, torment. But, I saw in your eyes a hint of happiness, to see her crimson eyes filled with glee, when she saw the one who made her eyes flicker with delight. I on the other hand, only felt these lonely feelings, which kept me from feeling joy from your distress.

                                                              Seven years later, 

                       I found myself looking for his lonely eyes, his tall stature, and his chestnut brown hair. When my eyes found his, the world seized to revolve.............. 

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