I Should've Known~Liam Payne love story~


4. Travis.

I drive in the car and i hear my iphone 5 ring "Little Things" All the boys stared at me and started laughing. I blush 60 shades of red and i wonder how i havent changed it. I answer it and i hear Travis's voice. "Hey love" he says . "Hey T" i say back. Then Louis yells. "Thats Travis!!!!, can u please talk to him!!!!" Without replying he grabs my
Phone and says," hey travis ,bud," blah blah"well she just finished picking me and the boys from the airport, we should hang!!"blahhh"ok " then he laughs. I yell," can i have my phone back , brother?" "Oh yeah sorry J"" He hands me my phone back and Travis tallks to me, i tell him how when we get back at the house maybe we could surf. He says," yeah that would be great,love,tell ur brother and his friends." My heart sank. Now that theyre back we will NEVER be alone."oh ok sure" i hang up. Then Liam asks," Who was that Jade?" I reply slowly and say,"my boyfriend".
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