I Should've Known~Liam Payne love story~


9. The Fight

Travis's P.O.V

I dont like that liam kid. It seems like shes trying to steal my girl. And the worst part was, I think she likes him back. I ran ahead of her and glared at liam. I grabbed a ice cooler filled with waters snacks frozen patties, hotdogs. I started to heat the grill by out spot in the sand. My phone beeped and I got a text from Lucy. I smiled and put the patties on the grill. "Yum" i heard Louis say from behind me. "Well i dont wanna brag, but i did win the grilling contest at our school."i boasted. I saw him roll his eyes and then I saw Liam and Jade talking on the bench and then Jade laughed and thats when i raged. I walked up to them and said ," Whats going on here?" Jade replied," Oh Li was just telling me about when the bo-" "i dont care what he said , get away from him!" Liam stood up and defended her. "Whats your problem?" All the boys came and wanted to see whats going on. Then my phone beeped. It was Lucy, I decided to ignore her since i was mad. I calmed down and went to check on the food. Its fine, she knows better than to cheat on me, but i dont care if i dont.
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