I Should've Known~Liam Payne love story~


23. The fake tweet.

Liam's P.O.V

I was really mad at Jade right now. Not the fact that she didn't like me but the fact that she ran away with no comment. I needed to talk to her. I walked up the stairs and through the halls to her door. I was about to open it when I heard Harry was in there too. I stayed awhile eavesdropping. Harry was saying about how much he gets rejected and then I froze. Harry said he loved -her. Harry, liked my girl-Jade. I couldn't stand it . I ran outta there into my room I was staying in because I dint wanna sleep in Jades room. I layed there in bed crying. I know-I know not so manly. But I just can't stand the thought of having them being 2gether. I went into the bathroom and saw a picture of Jade and Travis. She was on his back with the most gigantic, beautiful, outrageous, award winning, smile. Travis too had a smile on his lying face. I heard a knock on my door. I wiped my tears hoping they wouldn't show. "Come in" I yelled. Niall came walking in with his phone in his hands. "What the leprechauns is this?!?" Niall asked. "What is what?" I asked literally not knowing what was going on. He read the what was on his twitter." Liam and me got back together. He asked me when I was on my way to the beach." He looked at me. I looked back. "Where did u read that?" I asked. "Twitter,
liam." "From who? " I asked.

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