I Should've Known~Liam Payne love story~


7. Oops

Jades P.O.V.

I saw Louis leave my room. I grabbed my stuff and made my way downstairs. I see the boys ALREADY DONE! I was a bit jealous of how they dress so quickly. Niall asks," You ready?"
We walk out and into the car. Louis comes into the passenger seat and starts a conversation
"Are you mad at me?"he asks.
"What makes you think that?"
"You're not yelling,da da dada dada BATMAN! When u come down the stairs.
"Nevermind". I wasnt going to tell Lou right there why im mad. We need to talk in priv.
We got at the beach and while I get my stuff from the back trunk. "Need any help?" Liam comes up and asks. "No thanx" As much as i liked him, i was mad at all 5 of them.
I see Travis tanning in the sun. I run up to him and tickle him. He shoots right off his towel and gives me a playful glare. I giggle and say," oh come on, u know u loved it" he picks me up bridal style and we both splash in the water.
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