I Should've Known~Liam Payne love story~


26. Niall!!!

Harry's  P.O.V.

I was incredibly mad. She was mine!!!!!!!!
I had to get her!!!
One way or another(((im sorry i just had to say this)))   I was furious

---New Character!!!---

Kylie's P.O.V.

I was walking from my modeling summer shoot and i bumped into somebody.  "I am so very sorry las, lemme help." I knew that voice , it was Irish. Famous. Blonde. I looked up at saw Niall Horan from one direction picking up my pictures. "These are wonderful, your beautiful." He said . I must've blushed so hard because then he cupped my cheeks and said," you're gorgeous."  That really didnt help bcuz tht made me blush more! 

Niall's P.O.V.

I ran into an angel. From. Heaven.   She beautiful, gorgeouse, flawless, amazing, an i dont even know her name.    I should ask. " hey whats your name?" I asked.  I wanted to know her really bad. " it's Kylie." She said . "I already know your name.;)" She asked and giggled, I smiled proudly and then asked for her number, i got it and then gave her a hug. "Kylie," I asked "yeah?" She replied.     

"I was thinking if maybe u would like to go to dinner tonight???" 
Her wondering smile turned into a wide one, " I would love to Niall!!!"

--------to myself--------

I got a date!!!!





Sorry I haven't been on in a while, pretty busy;)

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