I Should've Known~Liam Payne love story~


25. Louis's permission

Liam's P.O.V.

I finally get to take Jade out on a date! I've been dying to ask her. Right now we were laying next to eachother watching The Notebook. Her phone rang signaling a text message. She got it and read. Her smile faded and she looked around. "Is everything alright, love?" I asked confused. She looked up at me," Oh yeah, just thought I saw a fly.ha" she said. "Oh k"i said. "WERE HERE!!!" The boys yelled. "Awwww the notebook, why that piece of junk?"Niall asked. "Actually Niall, it's very romantic." Jade said. Was she talking about us? I hope so! I looked at Harry and his head was down. Louis came over," Hey, hands off my sister." He pushed me and he sat down where i was and held Jade. She giggled. "Its fine Lou, we were just watching a movie." She said. He held her tighter." Um huh." He said glaring at me. "So guys, me and Jade will be going on a date tomorow." I said. They all looked at me. Louis literally jumped out of his seat. "What?!" Harry asked. Jade looked away. Niall and Zayn said," But I want her Liam!!!" "ENOUGH!!! MY SISTER IS OFF LIMITS!!! THIS IS A ONE TIME THING RIGHT LIAM?" Yelled Louis. "Welllll-" Jade said from behind Louis. He sighed and gave up. "Fine, I guess." "Thanks Lou." Jade said. I hugged Jade. She whispered," Liam you don't have to sleep in the guest room, u could sleep in my room on the floor." I smiled. "Sure." "Im gonna go upstairs." Harry said. What's his deal?
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