I Should've Known~Liam Payne love story~


15. Lifesaver Liam

Liams P.O.V.

The only thing I didnt see was her. I dove into the water looking for her. I saw dark brown hair floating on the sand. I grabbed a quick breath of air and dove after her. i grabbed her hand which was awfully cold. I swam her back to shore. I layed her down and pushed on her chest a bit. I saw the lads from the corner of my eye running down here, especially Louis. " Is she ok? Did she get hurt? Will she be ok? Were any bones broken?" "Relax Lou, I'll do CPR on her."
He glared at me, then rolled his eyes. Over protected much?!? I breathed in a breath of air and went down to her lips. She didn't awake.. I did it again, and again, for 5 times and then I saw her eyes blinking. I felt her chest breathing again. "W-what's go-going on?" She asked in a weak voice. "You were on your board, a huge wave crashed into you, you fell and lost oxygen down there, so Liam jumped in and rescues u" Louis replied. "Oh.....w-wh-wheres Tr-aa-vis?" We looked around and saw no sign of him. "JADE ARE YOU OK??!?!" I turned around and saw some of Jade's friends getting out of their car. Well actually you missed a lot. "Yeah shes fine" I said. Then I saw him. Kissing another girl. Not Jade.
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