I Should've Known~Liam Payne love story~


21. Im Alright.

Jade's P.O.V.

I didn't know where to go.
It was getting dark. They would be worried about me by now. They'll blame it all on Liam.
Liam. He won't talk to me . I have a reason. I can explaim to him why I left. He must be heartbroken

These are the thoughts I thought.

I need to go back."

But what would I say??

I reached Millwood's park. I ran to the slide I always went to when I needed time alone.
If I go out with him, he'll break my heart too. Hes a celebrity. He would break my heart and go for a pretty model or actress. I mean, boys, my friends, my family tells me I'm a goddess in beauty and personality. Am I?

Louis's P.O.V.

I saw Jade run out of the house crying. LIAM. " LIAM!!" He came down with tears down his cheeks and his face all , "Y-ye-ah" he mutters

"WHATS GOING ON!" He might be crying, but Jade's my sister so I care more bout' her.
" I-I told her I -I"
"I love her."
I was shocked. He, Liam, Like , my, sister, Jade. I mean shes the cutest at school, in a non brotherly way, but She's dating Travis.
"She's dating Travis, Liam" I said.
" No Sh-"
I was shocked again.
Did they break up? Did he know before me? How could I not know this stuff.
-Well Louis , you were too busy payin attention to everybody else but her- my mind said.
"I know where she is"
Jade always goes to the park slide when she's mad, hurt, upset, or just thinking.
Harry, who had been standing right next to me, got up, ran to the car and waited for us to hop in. Does he like her too? "Mate, since when have you had these feelings for her?" Said Harry curiously. Liam glared at him. "You -mumble- alrea-mumble- kne-mumble!" Just ignore it Louis. We arrived at the park and Liam shot out of the car. " I don't see her" He yelled. I sighed. " She has a hiding spot, Liam". I walked out and pulled the slide's bottom up . No one knew about this until Jade accidently slipped and figured out the spot. I saw her there and I pulled her up. "What are you doing, Lou?" She asked. "Helping you out, love" I said. I saw her lookig behind me , I turned around and saw her looking at Liam. "We should um, we should probably go now" Liam sAid. "Oh, yeah" Jade said back. She walked past me and Liam and hugged Harry. ?!?!?!?!?!? Harry?!?!?!?!?!?!? She let go of him and walked back up to me and Liam. " Im really sorry liam, if u knew why I left, u would understand. He nodded and left past her into the car. She sighed and said," Let's go Lou" I could tell she was ready to cry again so I let her pass me up. My.Life.Is.Soooo.Confusing
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