I Should've Known~Liam Payne love story~


17. I'll Never Let You Go

Liam's P.O.V.

I heard Jade talking to that liar, cheating, punk Travis. I cannot believe he would do that to her! She's gorgeous, and has a beautiful personality...... STOP! Jade wanted me to tell her why I kept' staring at Travis, because of his lying cheating mouth. I knew she wouldn't believe me anyway. I heard Jade say who it was in the backround of where Travis was. I even heard it. He stuttered and just hung up.
I saw Jade stiffen up but still a bit confused.
" Are you ok?" I asked wanting to make conversation. Louis was looking out the window, Harry and Zayn were arm wrestling, and Harry was on his phone texting, smiling, laughing....who was that?
"Oh yeah Im fine" she tried to fake a smile but I saw right through it.
" Ok, if theres any problems, you can always tell me, am I clear?
She sighs and looks me in the drivers mirror and says," Crystal."
We got home and she got out of the car and ran upstairs almost too fast. I ran to her and almost tripped on all her stairs, it was like 4 stories high. I ran to her room and tried to open it but it was locked. The boys showed up. "Whats wrong with her? " Harry asked eagerly. I shrugged my shoulders and Louis knocked on her door," If it's about us,Jade, we could always talk about it love." I heard sniffles and then she said," No, Lou, it's not about you, atleast not this time." Louis sighed a big sigh of relief. " Can you boys just go??? Im fine, I just wanted to call Benjy." Again I heard right through her lying mouth. The boys hung their head low and started making their way downstairs. After they were out of sight, I saw a bobby pin she dropped while she was running. I bended it enough so it could fit through the keyhole. I opened the door and a sobbing Jade with red puffy eyes and mascara running down her cheeks looked up and asked," How did u get in?" " You dropped this." I handed her the bent bobby pin. She said," Gee thanks" I locked the door and went to go sit down with her. I told her about everything I saw, Travis kissing another girl with pounds of make-up on. She grabbed me and sobbed into my shoulder, I held her tight. " I'll never let you go". I felt her smile on my shoulder even thought I didn't see it.
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