I Should've Known~Liam Payne love story~


24. Amber.

Jade's P.O.V.

I was out of words. Harry. Liam. Harry.Liam.
"I know it's a rush, but I really do love you Jade." Harry said. "I-need to think about it." I said
He nodded and headed towards the door. I decided to make dinner. I made fettichini with alfredo sauce with a side of french bread. Yum. When I was done I called the boys down," BOYS FOOD'S-" "FOODS READY!!!" Niall interrupted me . I giggled. The rest of the boys came
Down and sat. I avoided eye contact with Harry and Liam.
-Ding Dong- i heard the doorbell ring. "I'll get it." I said seeing as Louis already got
Up. I went to the door and opened it. Guess who it was. Amber. Her. Her eyes so devilish and her smirk and laugh. She can get a boy wrapped around her finger in a solid 3 minutes. I did not want her to hurt any of those boys. "Let me in." She spat. "My house, my choice." I slammed the door but before it reached she jabbed her heels in the edge and made her way in. Her 7 in. Heels stabbed my foot and I winced. "I would be nice if I were you." I know I said I was the popular one because I was a joke and a goofball. Well she is the popular one that thinks she rules high school. Lucy is her best friend. Both of em' had Loads of makeup. I followed closely behind her as she made her way to the kitchen. She saw the boys and got ready to flirt. Not like a cute Harry flirt. I mean a DΣΣP flirt. "Hey boys." She said. I snickered. " What are you doing here?" Louis asked. Big secret: louis and amber dated in middle school. "Oh hey lou, long time no see." She went over and stroke his hair. "Get your filthy nails off me. " he shot. She smiled"But Im not here for u. Im here for him." She pointed her nail at Liam who had been sitting quietly eating. "Im done here." He said and went up to his room hes staying in. "Well if he's gone, so am I." Amber said. She winked her eyeshadow filled eye and walked out having her heels click every step. "Im gonna talk to Liam." I said. They nodded. I went up to his room but then I heard talkin. "Danielle who told u we were together again?" He asked obviously angry. I heard her talkin in the phone but couldn't make out her words. "Even though we were never together, were done." He hung up and i heard him lay in bed. I knocked on his door. "Leave me alone." He yelled. "Liam, it's me, Jade." I said. I heard him get out of bed and turn on the faucet. He then put cologne on and came and opened the door. "Hey." He said. "Hi, ". " About amber, she really likes a boy when she seee em',so I would be careful.
Liam I wanted to say i really like you and I wouldnt wanna be with anyone else. So if u wanna take a step to that level, im ok with it. ". He smiled. "Tomorow at 8:00?" "Perfect." I smiled. We got up and went downstairs. I held his hand tight. It interwined together in perfect sync. We went to the couch and put on the notebook. I sat and cuddled with him. My phone rang. It was a text message Amber. ι ѕєє уσυ. ιf ι ωєяє уσυ, ι'∂ вα¢к σff σf нιм. ι ωσυℓ∂и'т ωαит αиуσиє тσ gєт нυят. ;)

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