I Should've Known~Liam Payne love story~


3. Airrport-again-

Im driving in my range rover -yes my family is rich anf not because of louis but because i dance for celebs and for Just Dance. I turn up the radio and i hear the one and only... One Direction. Theyre playing Live While Were Young. I park my car and wait for the boys inside the airport. Then I feel a pair of arms pull me into a muscular hug. I look up and see Louis. "Hey Jade, I havent seen you in ages!!!. I miss u soo much!"
"Hi Lou" i say carelessly. I dont need to give him my -im so glad your back-side. Im still mad at him and the boys. They took him away from me.
"Is everything alright love?" "Yea sure"I reply
"(Coughs)" I get out of Louis grip and see the rest of 1D standing right before me. I wasnt a big fan of em' .
"Hello love" a blond one with an irish voice said. im guessing Niall? "Hi" I say back. I said hi to a curly haired named harry, one with. Hair that looks like my skateboard ramp. Until i came upon one that was PERFECT. His name was liam. We kept staring until i broke the silence and said hi, he jumped out of daydreaming and says "hello", then I get in the car with the boys following suit.
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