I Should've Known~Liam Payne love story~


2. Airport

I went to school -yay last day!-and got multiple 'heys' and whats up' , im kinda popular because Im a goof.:)( i wonder if I get it from Louis)- UGH STOP TALKING ABOUT LOU!! He wont talk to u know becaus eh hes famous! I heard my friend,payton come up to me and yell,"jadeeeeee pooo"!!! I decided since i havent been talking to them in months i might as well get over it . "Hey pay"i said. "OMG i thought u would ignore me!" "YAY BACK TOGETHER AGAIN!!" "Oh J, your mom called my mom, since u wouldnt pick up and my mom told me to tell u this because u wouldnt pick up, so i dontreally wanna have to tell u thi~""
"Payton, CHILL!, what is it?"
She sighed and muttered,"youhavetopickupyourbrofromrheairport"
Knowing Payton for Soo long I knew what she just said.
"Jade, u have to+ i havent seen louis in a long time!"
I just stood there for a whole 5min listening to her whining.
"ALRIGHT!!!"i yelled.
But I aint talking to him. Who knows what kind of Summer this will be.
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