I couldn't believe that it had been almost a year ago that Harry had proposed, and only a couple months ago that we got married. Now, he was going to be one proud daddy, and I had no idea how I was going to tell him. ~~~ This is my entry for the one shot for 1D Valentines Day contest. Enjoy!


1. Ours

I just sat there and looked at the doctor in disbelief, but excitement. I know that Harry and I had been trying for a while now, but the news still came as a shock to me. "Mrs. Styles," the doctor said, "I'm happy to say that everything appears to be going well, and, although, you are only seven weeks into the pregnancy, the baby looks healthy as far as we can tell. So, good luck to you and Mr. Styles, and feel free to call if you have any questions or needs." She smiled at me and left the room. I smiled to myself with the news, and I grabbed my bag and headed out to my car. As I was driving to the mall, I glanced down at the beautiful shiny ring on my left hand. I couldn't believe that it had been almost a year ago that Harry had proposed, and only a couple months ago that we got married. Now, he was going to be one proud daddy, and I had no idea how I was going to tell him. 

~~hours later~~ I got home a little later than I usually do, so I wasn't surprised to see Harry's car parked in the garage. When I got into the silent house, I quietly made my way up to our room. As I opened the door, the sight of Harry sound asleep in bed made me smile. He always looked so innocent when he was asleep. I changed my clothes and slid under the covers, my body perfectly fitting with his. Almost automatically, his strong arm wrapped around my waist pulling me closer to him, while his hot break hit my neck. I decided to let Harry sleep and tell him the news some time tomorrow, and eventually I fell asleep in his arms. 

~~next morning~~ When I woke up, my arm reached over to feel Harry's warm body, but I was surprised to find him not there. I immediately sat up in confusion, so I got out of bed and wrapped my robe around me. As I headed downstairs, I could smell something cooking in the kitchen. Harry was probably up to no good. "Morning, love!" he called when I walked through the door. He was comically wearing his fake chef's hat, which made me laugh and say, "Harry, what is all this for?" "It's for you babe! Happy Valentine's day!" He grinned at me, as if proud of his work, while wrapping me  in a hug. Crap. I had forgotten that it was Valentine's Day. "Babe, what's wrong?" he looked at me, as he had probably seen my cross face. "Oh, its...nothing," I recovered. "You know you really didn't have to do this for me." "Well of course I had too," he said cheekily. You rolled your eyes and smiled but quickly kissed him, making him grin. After Harry had fed me a special breakfast of his famous pancakes, Harry had to leave for the studio, promising that he would pick me up tonight for dinner. I just sat around at home, cleaning a bit, watching a movie or two, and soon realized it was time to get ready. So I made my way upstairs to get ready for the evening. Soon enough, my hair was perfectly curled and my makeup looked great. Harry had already picked out a tight red dress that he had wanted me to wear. I chose against that considering the fact that I've gained a little weight from the pregnancy. The time came, and Harry walked in through the front door, with me waiting right there. I gave him a kiss to say hello, but he looked a little disappointed because I wasn't wearing that dress, but I just said to him, "Sorry, babe. It just wasn't fitting right." He eventually nodded his head, but seemed to think that I was still hiding something from him. He took me out to one of our favorite restaurants around, and we enjoyed a lovely dinner. About half way through the meal, Harry said, "Babe, I'm sorry about today. I know I had promised you that I would take you to Paris for the anniversary of our engagement..but...you know my busy schedule gets in the way sometimes..." I shook my head and smiled, "Hey, it's alright. I don't mind this. You know that all I wanted was to spend time with you." His green eyes looked into mine, and he finally smiled. I was dying to tell him the news, but I decided that it would wait. After dinner, we returned home. I kicked off my heels and walked up to our room because I was exhausted. I turned on a lamp, which dimly lit the room. My focus caught a glimpse of the photograph on the nightstand. It was a picture of us on our wedding day. Harry was carrying me bridal style and kissing me on the cheek while I was laughing. Suddenly, two hands grabbed my waist and spun me around. I caught my breath when I saw Harry with his messy curls. His suit jacket was off and his tie was loosened. He looked at me for one second then he crashed his lips onto mine. I gave in and kissed him back, while my fingers were searching for his curls. As my arms were wrapped around his neck, his fingers started fumbling with the zipper of my dress. I kept kissing him passionately, but then I instantly pulled away. I was breathless, and Harry was confused. "Harry...there's something that I have to tell you." His expression hardened, his jaw clenched, and he almost looked nervous. "Babe, it's nothing bad, don't worry." I gave him a small smile, as relief started to return to his face. "Well, what is it babe? What was so important that you had to interrupt our little..." "Harry," I cut him off. He looked right into my eyes. "I wanted to tell you all day long, but I could never find the right moment. And now, I just can't keep it from you anymore...You're gonna be a daddy." There was a slight pause as his expression dropped, but soon his eyes lit up in realization. "Wait, babe, are you serious?" he asked, smiling. I smiled back at him and nodded my head. He looked at the ground, "I'm gonna be a dad." His fingers ran through his curls, as he repeated himself. "I'm gonna be...I'm gonna be.." His sparkling eyes met mine, and he picked me up and spun me around. "Babe, your gonna be the best mother ever. Oh, I'm so happy." "I'm happy too." "This is so much better than Paris." I just looked at him, realizing how incredibly proud and happy he was. "This," he said, "is probably the best Valentines Day ever. All because of you." He kissed my nose, as I said, "Well you helped a little with that, didn't you?" All Harry could do was smile, so he wrapped his arms around me, and gently kiss my forehead. "I love you babe." I felt comforted by his words, and I whispered back to him, "I love you too, Harry." After a pause, Harry said confidently, "I bet it's gonna be a boy." I pulled away and played along saying, "And how would you know?" "I'm Harry Styles. I know everything," he said, winking at me.  "Well, I bet it's gonna be a girl." "Oh really? Well let's make a bet. Let's say that the loser..." "Changes the first diaper," I finished. "Deal," he said, smiling a little to confidently. "Oh, it's on, Styles," I said, an inch away from his face. He then cupped my face in his hands and he kissed me full on the mouth. I could feel him smile against my lips, and I knew exactly what he was thinking. Our love was beautiful. Our family was going to be beautiful. And because it is beautiful, it is all perfect, and it's all ours. 
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