Meet Me in an Irish Coffee Shop

Hi everyone! BooBear'sTeddyBear and Hopeless Wanderer here! This is just a book for us dreaming about the future! We're hoping to see each other one day, so we made this. Hope you guys like it!


8. 8

Scottie's POV


Zayn linked his fingers with mine and we slowly looped around Hyde Park.


"Let's play the question game!" Zayn exclaimed. I laughed at how his face looked so excited.

"Okay, you start!" 

Zayn though for a few seconds. "Let's play my version. I ask you a question and we both answer, yeh?"

I shrugged. "Mmkay." He snaked his arm around me and it rested on my opposite shoulder.

"Favourite food?"

"PRINGLES." I shouted a split-second after he asked the question. "I can't help it that I love Pringles." Before Zayn got to answer the question, he asked another one.

"Favourite color?"

"Blue!" We both shouted to each other. We laughed. "We were in sync, there." I added.


"November 17th." Zayn got excited. 

"That's in exactly a week!" November 10th already? Wow. Time flew by. He leaves 5 days after my birthday.... Crap.

"January 12th!" This time, I got excited.

"That's the same birthday as my friend, Nicole!" I smiled. He gave me a thumbs up and with that, we moved on to the next question.

"Craziest dream?"

"To be a singer. A famous singer." I looked out into the distance, daydreaming about opening for One Direction. What a dream that will never happen.

"That isn't crazy at all! I saw your videos!"

"WHAT?!?! How did you even find them?"

"Well....Management was looking around on YouTube at linked videos. They saw yours and said it was really good. Since you played guitar, they decided to show Niall first. He showed the rest of us and...yeah. I fell in love with them. So did everyone else! But...I wanted to hear you in real life. Now here you are with us!"

"Oh... thanks to management, I guess! But a double thanks to Niall. Heh!"

"Mine has already come true." He replied. "To be with one I love."

A chorus in my head went crazy with awe. My heart was shaking and I nearly broke into happy tears. He just basically said he...loved me!

"Erm... favourite book?"

"DIVERGENT SERIES. All the way! All....the....way. You have to read the books!" Zayn seemed a bit overwhelmed by my answer. It was my fault that I totally was obsessed with Divergent and anything to do with it.

"Favourite movie?"

"Wall-E is really sweet. The Katy Perry movie was kind of sad. I really love The Hunger Games and Pitch Perfect, though." 

I have to admit, the only reason I liked scary movies was so that I could act like I was scared and Zayn would comfort me. But there is a huge exception for Hunger Games.

"You said you liked singing, right? And it is your dream?" He asked. I nodded.

"Sing for me!" My eyes widened. He wanted me to sing on the plane, so I guess I can just do it now.

I took a deep breath in.

"White lips, pale face, breathing in snowflakes, burnt lungs, sour taste." I sung to the best of my ability.

"Lights gone, days end." Zayn filled in. We could do it- sing in harmony. We started with our voices together.

"Struggling to pay rent, long nights, strange men." We smiled and kept going.

"They say she's in the class A team, stuck in her daydream, been this way since 18 but lately her face seems slowly sinking, wasting, crumbling like pastries, they scream 'the worst things in life some free to us'. 'Cause we're just under the upper hand, go mad for a couple grams. She don't wanna go outside tonight. And in a pipe, she flies to the mother land, and sells love to another man. It's too cold outside for angels to fly."

We had sung harmony. Together. Our voices were one split into two. 

The whole Hyde Park clapped and I had turned as red as anything. Zayn lifted up my chin.

"That was beautiful. So are you." He leaned in and kissed me. 

He led me to a bench and I leaned my head on his shoulder. It slid down just like the first car ride we had together. 

"So....I go on tour a few days after your birthday....and I have to get there 6 days early for practice and preparation." Stupid management. 

"But....that means you leave a day before my birthday. You won't be there. I'll miss you." I held him tight in a hug.

"No need to miss me, love." I looked up at him, puzzled.


"Because you are coming with me." I jumped up and down.

"What?" He nodded. I heard him correctly. His phone rang in the back of his pocket.

He slid the answer button. I read 'Management' upside down on his phone screen. 

A few minutes later, he had hung up. He stared at me as is he was sad, but had hope at the same time.

"We don't have an opening act. He got hospitalized with some unknown disease." I was shocked.

Zayn looked across the park where he could see Harry and Keavy on another bench. Not too far away, actually. I could make out all of their features. Harry and Zayn stared at each other. They stood up and talked in a corner of the park. I had no one to talk to, so I got up and sat right back down next to Keavy."

"Did he ask you out?" Keavy nodded and blushed. 

"WHAAAT? What did you say?"

"I don't know....I said I don't know."


"But, I'm going on tour with him, so I think it's a yes."

I squealed. I know, I get overly-excited about things.

"I'm going too."

The boys came back with a smile on their face. Harry was slipping his iPhone back in his pocket. He had just gotten off of a call, and I presume he had good news.

"We have good news!" Zayn exclaimed. 

I told you. Here is a bowl of my special dish- I told you so soup. 

"You guys are opening for us!"

Keavy and I exchanged glances. 

"Us?" We asked in unison. The two boys nodded.

"First show is November 22nd, so right after your birthday, you need to learn a song. Actually, you need to learn-" I interrupted him.

"How do you know my birthday?"

"Well, a few years back, we were stalking your YouTube channel. Well, it was mostly Za-"

"SHUT UP!" Zayn whacked Harry's arm.

"Anyway, you posted a video and told us it was your birthday, which was November 17th. I just remembered that...and you need to learn some songs..." Harry thought.

"Five." Zayn filled in. Harry nodded.

Keavy and I hugged.

We rode back to the apartment and went to our rooms.

Zayn, Harry, and Keavy went to a room and closed the door. I heard the word 'birthday'.

Hey, my birthday is in a week!

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