Meet Me in an Irish Coffee Shop

Hi everyone! BooBear'sTeddyBear and Hopeless Wanderer here! This is just a book for us dreaming about the future! We're hoping to see each other one day, so we made this. Hope you guys like it!


6. 6

Scottie's POV

"I'll get your bags out, don't worry." Zayn turned in my direction. What a gentleman.

"Awh, thanks Zayn." I smiled and he smiled back. I leaned a bit into his shoulder but my head slipped into his lap. I held a spot on the back of my head and fake cringed. "Gee, ouch. That hurt so much." I said sarcastically. Zayn rolled his eyes and chuckled. "I'm sure it did."

We spent the next few minutes in silence, just looking at each other and thinking. I wonder how Keavy was doing in her private little row with Harry.

"I was thinking that when we get onto the plane, we can get to know each other a bit? We have our seats together. So far, all I know about you is that your name is Scottie, your best friend is Keavy up there, and that your apartment is awesome. I know those lyrics." He laughed and winked. My heart melted in my chest. I have only felt this way....oh wait....never.

"Sure thing, Zayn. We can definitely do that." He smiled at my answer. The limo slowed down, slowed more, and finally after what seemed like 10 minutes came to a stop at the Dublin Airport. Quite nice, actually.

Zayn got out first and lowered the seat so I didn't have to climb through those tiny spaces. I hopped out expecting to land on the sidewalk, but I felt hands envelop around me and I saw the face. Zayn. "Helloooo, there!" I laughed and breathed in a whiff of the fresh Dublin air. If fresh is what you call airplane fuel, by any chance.

Zayn lifted my heavy bag out of the trunk and set it down for me to roll to Security. Zayn got his suitcase and we waited for the other boys and Keavy.

"Hey, I'm going to talk with the boys if you don't mind, love." I shrugged. "No, not at all. Go talk to your friends." Zayn cheered and I waited for Harry to wake Keavy up from her 2nd nap. "Keavy!" He screamed. He clapped the back of his hand 3 times and Keavy's eyes finally fluttered open. "Oh, hello. Where are we?"

I dragged Keavy out of the limo where her suitcase was waiting at the sidewalk, untouched. "You, missy, are at the Dublin Airport. We have to catch our flight in half an hour, so wake yourself up so we can catch up with the other 5 boys." I answered.

"What boys?" I rolled my eyes. "Stop tricking me, Miss Golden. Don't make me use my ninja moves! You know I'm a black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do." Keavy put her hands up. "Okay, you got me. never told me that! You are?" I rolled my eyes and nodded. "Get going. I'm leaving without you..." She snapped open. "Okay! Okay!"

We finally caught up with the others at Security. The airport workers let us on through because of the boys. If only I had them with me at all times. I looked down at my white iPhone. "10 MINUTES GUYS!"

We ran to our gate and ended up avoiding a mob by Louis tricking them. We were escorted by some policemen to a blocked out room. "This is room we save to celebrities coming and leaving." He sounded foreign. Maybe from China, Japan? Somewhere around there.

We sat down in the cushiony chairs and waited for five minutes. We could barely hear the screams of those dedicated Irish girls and nobody could see in- but we could see out.

"Thank you for choosing us! Your plane is boarding." A woman came in. We thanked her as she held the door open for us and we walked to our gate. We ran from the mob and Zayn grabbed my hand to lead me. We ran until we could barely fit oxygen in our lungs.

We ran through the walkway to enter the plane. The pilots shook our hands and told us it was a pleasure to have us and everything like that. One of the flight attendants fainted so Pilot Pike had to catch her and wake her back up again. We gave the Pilot Mitchells an autographed napkin for his daughter to keep.

We walked to the center of where the cabins met. We sorted out who would be in each cabin and then we headed our separate ways.

I opened the door to the cabin and sat on the bed to wait for my cabinmate. I did not pay much attention to Liam's name announcing after he said my name. I just knew I was in cabin 2 and I zoned out.

I twiddled my thumbs and got so bored I forced myself to play thumb war between my own two right and left thumbs. I heard the door slid open and I was happy with what I saw.

"Zayn! Yey!" I cheered. He sat down on the couch across from me after getting a soda from the mini-fridge in the corner of our cabin. I slid in next to him and he handed me a can of soda for myself. I popped open the soda can tab and took a sip. The bubbles fizzed up in my mouth.

"Tell me about yourself!" Zayn asked- even though it really wasn't a question.

"Well, I'm Scottie and I love to sing. I have my own little music channel I've had since I was twelve years of age. I play guitar on all of those videos and I have been playing since I was about eleven years of age. I LOVE eating. Marshmallows and pretzels are really tasty and I have many, many musical interests." I told him. He seemed to be wondering more.

"Like what?" He asked. He was certainly interested in me, not to mention Keavy walking in on us making out.

"Well, my two all time favorties are you guys and Coldplay. I love Taylor Swift and Katy Perry on that level too. I like David Bowie's song 'Changes'. I like Natasha Bedingfield, Train, Alex Clare, Christina Perri, Kelly Clarkson, Adele, John Mayer, Bruno Mars, Sara Bareilles, Mumford and Sons, Gotye, Ellie Goulding, and absolutely LOVE the Beatles."

Zayn seemed a bit blown away.

"I can play tons more on the guitar I brought along with me, though." Zayn smiled.

"Well, I cannot wait to hear you play it, love." I blushed when he called me love. I always do.

"Can I go meet your friend Keavy? I want to meet her! Please please please?" I shrugged and we walked to cabin 3, where Keavy and Harry were assigned.

Zayn slid open the door only the slide it right back to close again. Harry and Keavy were in the middle of a heated make-out session. Of course.

"Hey," Zayn knocked. "Can you cool down a bit so we can come in?"

Harry opened the door with one of his looks. I laughed and sat down next to Keavy.

"KAY! Zayn, Keavy. Keavy, that's Zayn." They hugged and then things got awkward.

"I guess we'll be oon our way then.... uh, bye...." We left and walked back to our own cabin.

I sat on the couch and leaned into Zayn's muscular chest. He leaned down and his lips brushed against mine, softly, daintily.

"Will you...go....out....with me?" He stumbled out.

"Of course." I answered. Zayn looked like I had just lifted a giant weight off of his shoulders.

I hugged him and we sat against the door. The couch was starting to get a bit uncomfortable, so we sank down and leaned on the door. A voice boomed over the loud-speaker or the plane.

"Attention, attention! We will be landing in roughly five minutes. Welcome to London, England! 60 percent chance of rain here, partly cloudy and fairly humid. Pretty bad day for your allergies, so stay indoors if you have bad allergies! This has been Pilot Pike, and thank you for flying with us." Pilot Pike ended his message.

Out of this crammed cabin! Finally!

Actually, it wasn't too bad considering that I was with Zayn.

Louis called out in his screaming voice for a quick meetup in the center.

Niall and Louis gave us some sassy looks. "I'm guessing you had some fun, didn't you?"


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