Meet Me in an Irish Coffee Shop

Hi everyone! BooBear'sTeddyBear and Hopeless Wanderer here! This is just a book for us dreaming about the future! We're hoping to see each other one day, so we made this. Hope you guys like it!


5. 5

Keavy's POV

"I'll get it!" I walked over to the door, still in paint covered clothes.

"Hell-Crap!" I laughed. Harry and Zayn were standing there, "Like the look?" I gestured my hands up and down. They laughed a little.

"Hello!" Harry smiled.

"Hi again, Scottie and I were just... Well, painting! I grinned. "Scottie! Get your arse here right now..."

"Wha- Oh, hi..." she smiled at the boys. They just laughed at her as well.

"Would you like to come in?" I giggled from Scottie. The boys walked in and on the way in, Harry kissed me on the cheek.

"Nice place!" Zayn looked around.

"That was me...." I joked, Scottie was giving me death glares, "And Scottie" I quickly added. I looked over at the little quote, my life quote really, Well it was until now : Reality Ruined My Life.

"Would you like anything to drink?" Scottie washed her hands. They nodded and sat down in the living room, all except me and Harry.

"Lazy!" I shouted at Scottie as I wandered into the kitchen. I stood in front of the kettle, it boiling away when Harry put his arms around my hips and lifted me up.

I laughed at him. "You're as cute as I imagined, actually, you're way cuter!" He put me down.

"Oh, am I now?" I blushed a little.

"Very." He kissed me on the forehead. I grinned before turning and making three cups of coffee and a pot of tea.

"Is that all for you?" he laughed.

"I might have a little obsession with tea." I laughed. We were just walking about the kitchen, but saw through the door Scottie and Zayn making out.

"Awwh." I laughed. I settled the tray down on the table making them jump and separate.

"It looks like you two were having fun!" I giggled watching them blush. Next thing I heard was a knock at the door. I went up and opened it.

"Oh, hi!" I waved to Louis, Niall, and Liam.

"So you must be Keavy? Harry has gone on non-stop about you!" He said smiling. I turned around and Harry was blushing, he was so cute blushing. I got some more cups. Louis and I just sat there devouring the tea.

"I need to get dressed, I will be right back." I smiled, running to Scottie's room where I had left my bag of clothes and things to bring with me to London. I put on some black jeans, a wine colored button up top, and a boyfriend cardigan. I walked back into the room and sat down beside Harry. I grinned at him and finished off my cup of tea.

"So when are we going?" Scottie asked quickly hopping down the stairs.

"We should be going around.. now." said Liam, looking at his invisible watch. Scottie and I grabbed our stuff before walking out to the cold, Irish air. Harry took one of my bags and held my hand with his spare hand. We hopped into two separate taxis and drove to the airport. Fans were screaming, "Who are they?" or, "Get your hands off my boyfriends!"

"Ignore them." Harry whispered into my ear. He kissed my cheek and held tight onto me and took a step onto the plane. Harry, Louis, and I were sitting together, while Zayn and Scottie were sitting together and Liam and Niall together.

I laid my head against Harry's shoulder and dozed off.

I wasn't asleep for long but I kept my eyes closed still, just listening to his heartbeat.

"I really like her." I heard Harry whisper.

"Then go for it!" They stopped talking because I had started to move. I sat up and streched my arms out and let out a yawn.

"Hello love!" Harry grinned.

"Hi!" I chuckled at him calling me love. I turned to the window and stared into the sky and clouds until the plane landed.

Harry's POV

"Hello love!" I fought thd urge to kiss her.

"Hi!" she chuckled turning to the window. Her hair was tied up in a messy bun, but it looked perfect. I saw her reflection in the window, I saw her eyes seaching the wilderness of the sky. She was thinking about something. Grins would appear then disappear in a flash. I left her alone to think and sat there thinking to myself, "She's the one."




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