Meet Me in an Irish Coffee Shop

Hi everyone! BooBear'sTeddyBear and Hopeless Wanderer here! This is just a book for us dreaming about the future! We're hoping to see each other one day, so we made this. Hope you guys like it!


4. 4.

Scottie's POV


I looked over at Keavy, paint buckets in hand.

"Let's do this." We said in unison, though our voices differing because of our accents.

"But, wait...." Keavy added. "Before we go on, I must get a ginger beer." I was very confused. What the heck is ginger beer?

"Sorry, Keav... I don't have any of this ginger beer. I have root beer though! Try it, you'll love it. It doesn't have alcohol!" Keavy shrugged and mumbled something I could barely hear. "Ginger beer is going to be a lot better than this root beer."

She opened up the can after getting it out of my nearly-broken fridge. She took a sip and her eyes lit up with excitement. "WHY. DO. PEOPLE. NOT SELL THESE IN IRRREEELAAANDDD! WWWWWOOOOWWWWWW! THIS...THIS.....THIS IS....SO. GOOOOOOOD!" Keavy looked like she was about to start bouncing off of my peeling walls.

"Hello? Earth to Keavy? We have to paint here!" She flew back to Earth and we got out our black paint buckets and large paint rollers.

We rolled the paint onto the wall and I remembered the twitcam with Harry and Zayn. "So Keavy, what was this hodgepodge jumbled up mess about Friday you were talking with Harry about?" She turned a bit red.

I decided to have some fun with Keavy's little crush. Save the fun for later, painting black on my wall now.

I thought through everything that would happen on Friday.

" is Friday."

**2 hours later**

I dropped my black paint brush on the paint mat below my feet. Keavy did the same. Our heads were thrown back and we collapsed on the floor. "Done."

Keavy rose. "Wait....what about the lyrics?" She said, running her fingers through my new lime green fuzzy carpet.

I shrugged and went to get the white paint cans from my new kitchen with lime green splatter-painted cabinets. "What song should we start with? Or more like, which album?"

Keavy thought for a moment. "Let's start with Up All Night. The first songs! And don't forget Moments and Stand Up. Deluxe Edition is important too!" I agreed with her statement.

"Let's start with WMYB!" We cheered and got painting a good line from each song.

**30 minutes later**

I looked to Keavy, finishing up the chorus of Moments painted on my wall. "ON TO TAKE ME HOME!" She cheered.

"Eh eh eh, YEARBOOK EDITION!" I added and we cheered again.

"Hey, you, you're still the one..." I sang quietly as I painted the chorus of She's Not Afraid.

"You done, Keav?" She nodded and we cheered yet again.

Friday was full of cheering. I wondered what followed our cheering. Cupcakes did, that's for sure.

"TO THE FRIDGE!" We marched to the fridge saying 'HUP! 2, 3, 4... HUP! 2.3.4...'

I grabbed Keavy a chocolate cupcake with pink icing and chocolate sprinkles.

I turned around to face the fridge and grabbed my cupcake. Once I turned back to Keavy, I saw a cupcake wrapper in her hand, with no cupcake, and pink icing on her face. She had finished my cupcake.

I licked my thumb and brought it up to her face. "You shoved this in your mouth, didn't you?" I asked Keavy. She nodded. She muffled, "Mhmm." The cupcake was still in her mouth. "Let's get here....and here.... ooh, and over here too..."

I finished cleaning the icing from her face and I decided to share with her my can of Pringles. Which I seriously never do. But Keavy is special to me, so I decided to let her pass. She fell in love with them and I got protective over my Pringles.

"MY PRINGLES!" I ran away, hugging the can, careful not to run into a wet wall.

I heard the front door open and a lot of footsteps.

"Hello?" A british voice called. "Keavy? Scottie? Are you here?" A different voice called out.

We walked out into the new front room.

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