Meet Me in an Irish Coffee Shop

Hi everyone! BooBear'sTeddyBear and Hopeless Wanderer here! This is just a book for us dreaming about the future! We're hoping to see each other one day, so we made this. Hope you guys like it!


3. 3

Keavy's POV

"You totally need to give this place a make-over!" I grinned as I walked into Scottie's apartment. The sofa was tattered and the wallpaper was peeling. I stuck my head around the wall to see a dirty kitchen, "You REALLY need to give this place a make-over".

"I know!" she groaned. She slumped down on the old sofa and put her legs up on the coffee table.

"First, we need paint!" I smiled. We had become close straight away as we had been chatting for years on Movellas, I still wasn't used to her accent though. I took out my purse, which had One Direction on it. I had bought it years ago in Claire's. I remembered being annoyed as this, some rubber and a stationary set were the only things left, and some tattered posters. I wanted the poster, there was only Harry ones but I liked them. I was going to get it but I didn't chance it. My dad did not agree with me putting them up. I ended up getting the purse, 2 pairs of earrings, one with the Ying & Yang symbol on them and the other with converse on them.

"I have, ummm" I stopped for a moment counting it, "€260"

"Where can we go?" she looked at me. I knew this county like the back of my hand... Well, a bit.

"We can go to Woodies? Or Boyles, or homebase" I thought through the three (A.N lol so many 't's) "Woodies is the best and it is closest". We left her apartment and drove to Woodies. It was massive, it had furniture as well. We got some black paint to paint lyrics onto the walls in her bedroom which we were going to paint white. For her living room we bought cream and purple paint. We bought some lamps to match as well. We got some tiles for her kitchen and bathroom. She had a spare room but we were going to keep it the way it was for now.

"How much money do you have left?" she grinned, I knew what she was thinking, "I have $95."

"€95, don't you mean?"

"This is going to be hard to get used to!" she smiled.

"I have €75 though!" 

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" she grinned.

"Raid stores for One Direction merchandise, go home, beg the boys for a twitcam? I smiled.

"You read my mind! We know each other too well.". We threw the paint into the car then went to Claire's first. The cashiers looked at us weirdly as we brought all of the One Direction related things in there. We went to Tesco were we found little One Direction keychains, some posters, wrapping paper, chocolate, books and magazines. We put our money together and went over to Easons (a book store) ane bought their new official book. We drove back to Scottie's apartment and walked up and down the stairs three times carrying stuff.

"We will paint later" We laughed. I texted my mum saying I was staying at a friends house. She didn't know who Scottie was, she didn't even know I had a popular Movella, she didn't even know I was on Movellas, actually. I told her I read them but didn't say I was on it.

We logged onto Scottie's twitter account and searched all the boys to see who was online.

"Harry is!" I cheered, we tweeted him asking for a twitcam. We waited a few minutes, we kept on refreshing the page until he replied. Which he did.

"sure, @mrstomlinson1224! I would love to! x"

"Totally fangirling right now!" she grinned. We were quite calm, really. Sure, we bought everything with their face on it, but we didn't scream when they replied, followed or when we met them.

Harry put up the link to the twitcam and we immediately clicked on it. We were the first people to watch it. Harry was there with Niall and Liam.

"Hello" Harry exposed his dimples to us. Liam and Niall copied him.

"Louis and Zayn should be here any minute. Liam chirped in, "But before we do I want to say thank you guys for buying the album!"

"Yeah,hope you enjoyed it!" Niall followed.

"Harry" we heard Louis scream. Harry's eyes widened and hid knowing Lou was going to leap on him, but he was too late, so for a millisecond we saw a flying Louis. Scottie and I laughed watching that.

"Send in your numbers and we will call you!" Zayn broke the moment.

"And your skype names for later. We will only skype one person" Louis shouted.

"Quick!" I hurried Scottie as she typed in my number (she still had an American number) and her Skype. We sent it and then had to wait 25 seconds to send another message.

"Wait got one here.. Alright and... There!" Louis wrote down the two "It is going to be a suprise, who ever I call right now we will skype later! Harry get out your phone and ring this number" Louis continued. I picked up my phone and watched Harry type in the number.

"Hi were One Direction, Your phone is ringing come and answer it, unless you don't like them, then pretend you didn't hear me, But I wouldnt do that, that would be mean, unless they smell"My phone rang. We listened to the phone ring because I making sure I would be calm.

"Hello?" I answered the phone.

"Hi love!" I heard Harry's raspy voice chirp in "Hello!" I heard the other boys shout, "Are you there alone?"

"No, I am here with my friend Scottie." I said laying the phone down on loudspeaker.

"Hello!" Scottie laughed.

"Hi Scottie and..?"

"Keavy!" I smiled.

"Keavy! How are you?"

"Good!" we told him.

"Wait one minute, I need to get away from the boys shouting!" he eyed them. He walked out of the twitcam into a different room which we couldn't see.

"What's your twitter?" He asked me.

"Mine? Well, it's KeavyLuvsYou." I told him. I heard typing and clicking from a laptop. He must be stalking me.

"Wow, did anybody tell you how beautiful you are?" He flirted.

"Harry Styles, are you stalking my photos?" I blushed while Scottie was having a fit of excitement.

"Might be! Is it alright if I keep your number and skype you for a bit, like, now?" He laughed.

"Umm, sure!" I grinned at Scottie. Thank god I had brought my laptop so Scottie could still watch the twitcam if she wanted. I told him my skype name. Hung up, before logging onto Skype and accepting his request. Flashing on my screen 'HazzaStyles1994 calling'. I accepted his video chat.

"Hello love!" He grinned as he popped up onto the screen.

"Hi Harry!" I blushed a little. Scottie smiled at me but left me Skyping alone.

We had only been skyping for 15 minutes when Zayn showed up on the screen. Scottie popped in next to me and into the screen at the same time. Next thing we knew, all four of us were chatting for another 15 minutes.

"Ahh! Harry and Zayn have crushes, I think!" Louis mocked on the other laptop which had the twitcam playing.

Zayn just blushed, but what Harry did took me by complete surprise.

"I do, actually!" Harry shouted to Louis, I stared at him in disbelief. He lifted up his phone and started texting someone. And that someone just so happened to be me.

'Hey, I think we should meet up sometime. Would you like to come over to London soon and stay with us?' the text read.

'I would love to! When though?'


I had no idea what today was. Maybe is was Friday.

'For how long?'

'As long as you want, I will pay!'

'Well if you're paying ;) Joking,I don't mind'

'Two weeks?'

'Wow... Uh, sure, just need to tell my parents ;) could Scottie come too?'


'Okay then. Bye, love! '

'Bye love, x'

I smiled at the camera and he smiled back.

"We have to go back to the twitcam now, sorry girls!" Zayn looked sad.

"See you on Friday, loves!" Harry said as we waved goodbye and turned off Skype.

"Wait, what?" Scottie asked mouth wide open

"I will tell you while we paint!" I stood up and grabbed a brush. This was the best day ever. Literally. Well, kind of...



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