Meet Me in an Irish Coffee Shop

Hi everyone! BooBear'sTeddyBear and Hopeless Wanderer here! This is just a book for us dreaming about the future! We're hoping to see each other one day, so we made this. Hope you guys like it!


2. 2

------5 years later------

Scottie's POV

"Yeah, the music is so loud, I wanna be yours now, so c'mon c'mon and dance with me baby!"

I sang to myself on the ripped and scratched up couch in my newly-bought apartment in Ireland.

I strummed the last chord on my brand new blue guitar I had gotten as a going-away present from my father at Guitar Center. I plugged it in to my amplifier I had brought with me to Ireland and turned the volume down so no one would hear my playing.

No one hears my playing. Except for Keavy.

And all of my viewers on YouTube. I can't believe I actually thought that was a good idea. But people liked it and they liked me, so why disappoint them? And disappoint Keavy?

I set down my guitar and coughed before walking over to the marble counter in my tiled kitchen. I unplugged my iPad from the outlet and got a cupcake- with no dairy- out of the fridge. And stuffed it violently into my mouth.

Once I was satisfied that there was no icing on my lips, face, iPad, or any part of my body, I picked up my phone and sat down on the couch. I pressed the power button on the TV remote and The Big Bang Theory turned on.

"Sheldon? What are you doing?" I heard Leonard say to Sheldon while he was...busy....with Penny as Sheldon climbed through the window in the early hours of the morning.

I walked to the fridge to get another cupcake when I heard my customized ringtone boom out of my iPad speakers.


That was the alarm I made for when Keavy said something on Movellas, a writing site. That was our main method of communication, but we knew we would somehow meet someday.

We had planned everything.

We knew it had to work, or all our effort would bet thrown in the trash bin.

I checked Movellas on my iPad before another alarm sounded out of the speakers behind my pink Smart Cover.


I jumped off the couch and ran to my room.

I made sure my promise ring was still on my finger.

And my other promise ring to make me remember I would see Keavy one day.

"Sheldon. Go back to bed." I heard Leonard demand from my TV.

I put on my sweater, dark dark blue skinny jeans, and my African print Toms and ran by my many, many, MANY posters.

I bent over and kissed Liam. Then Harry. Then Niall. Then Zayn. Then Louis- my favorite. But he was already taken by the beautiful Eleanor Calder, so Zayn will have to do.

I planted a small kiss on Austin Mahone and ran out the door.


---20 minutes later---

I walked in and sat down at a wooden table.

I waited.

And waited.

And waited and waited and waited.

I looked around the coffee shop and up from my phone.

On the other side of the coffee shop was a girl about my age with red hair and her eyes glued to her phone as well. She looked up and smiled- her smile was miles long.

"Scottie?" She asked. I nodded.

"Scottie! She stood up and ran to me.

"KEAVY!" I hugged her and we talked in the middle of the Irish coffee shop.

We eventually moved to my table and the door opened.

We knew we would meet each other in an Irish coffee shop, but never them.

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