Meet Me in an Irish Coffee Shop

Hi everyone! BooBear'sTeddyBear and Hopeless Wanderer here! This is just a book for us dreaming about the future! We're hoping to see each other one day, so we made this. Hope you guys like it!


16. 16

"Harry, this doesn't feel right. I mean, opening for you guys without Keavy." I quietly said into Harry's ear. He looked at me sympathetically, but I could tell he missed her, too.

"Look, Scottie. I understand. Remember the South American leg of the tour? How Louis got sick and we couldn't go on with him? When Niall sprained his ankle and he couldn't perform? I know how you feel. I'm sure she'll wake up soon, alright?" He reassured me as we tightly hugged. I almost sobbed, just once, into his shirt. I needed to be strong.

"Now, you're on in 5. Go knock 'em dead, yeah?" He smiled and playfully smacked me in the arm. I walked out to the side of the stage. My vocal coach was helping me warm up when Zayn came up behind me. My coach winked at me and walked away to sit in the backstage lounge. 

"You ready, hon?" Zayn asked me, his eyes twinkling with excitement. One of the fans must have seen him, and the whole crowd roared louder than a jungle full of lions. "I think they're ready for you." 

"Yeah, I think I'm ready to go. I've never performed in O2 before! It's so exciting! The British accents are so cool! I've always wanted one." I blabbed on, jazzed up by the event. Zayn claimed I got a specific twinkle in my green eyes whenever I got like this. He loved that. 

"Well, get out there and rock their socks off. You got this. Wait! Before you go on, I have to get you something." Zayn ran off in the direction where my vocal coach went and I was standing alone. I felt a tap on my shoulder and pivoted my body around.

"Oh, hey Ashton! How are you?" I hugged Mr. Ashton Irwin and the rest of his band followed behind him.

"Ah, I'm great. Just came to see the concert!" The rest of the guys nodded, they seemed very excited. They were standing right in the front row of the arena. They wished me luck and were off to their seats. Zayn came running back with a large object in his hands. 

"A congratulatory present for my special girl," He handed me the object, wrapped in gold paper. A note was tied on- I assumed it was from Zayn.


Congratulations, Scottie!

You did it! I'm so proud of you. I remember that walk in the park we had back in November, before we went on tour. You said you wanted to be a famous singer, and you're making it happen. It's all going on right before my eyes, and I couldn't be happier for you. You mean something so special to me, and I wanted a piece of me for you to have if I'm ever away from you.

I love you! -Zayn


I gently tore open the wrapping paper and the beautiful wooden guitar neck was revealed. I lightly lifted the mahogany instrument out of its box and my mouth fell agape. Zayn was grinning down at me. 



I hugged him, but before I could say thank you, I was ordered to make my entrance to the stage. The crowd was louder than anything I'd ever heard. I could barely hear my guitar's loudest strum over their voices. 

"Hey guys! Do you want to hear a song by a special friend of mine?"

Over the screams, I heard 'Is that friend Zayn?' coming from the front row. I found who the voice belonged to a shook my head.

"It's not him, but he's still my boyfriend. That friend is Ed Sheeran. Have you guys heard of him?" The crowd was flipping out at the mention of Ed. I knew I'd get some reaction related to that. I strummed the first chords of 'The A Team.' 

"White lips, pale face, breathing in snowflakes. Burnt lungs, sour taste." The crowd was screeching with excitement, most of them were belting out the lyrics along with me.

"Lights gone, days end, struggling to pay rent..." I heard another voice sing. Zayn slowly walked out onto stage. I felt like we were recreating that moment at the park. This time, we went through with the harmony. I heard some footsteps coming out from the other side of the stage. 

A girl with fiery red hair and casual clothing slid out onto the stage. I saw who it was, and I looked back at Harry. Keavy had woken up. I mouthed to Harry, 'did you tell her about Taylor?'

Right before he ran off, he shook his head and truthfully looked like he hated himself. 

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