Que Quowle.

Enter Aliyah Martin's life as she stands beside her best friend—now current boyfriend—as he struggles to maintain his anger and protect the people of La Push, while dealing with Aliyah's problems, and Bella Swan along the way.


20. 20

I didn't want to bother with waiting at Emily's. Instead, the moment Leah left me alone I quietly made me way out from the room; then I sprinted.

Perhaps that wasn't the smartest thing to do, but Emily's was close enough to Jacob's that I could most likely make it. Victoria had told me she'd come back for me—My leg's pushed me futher. My blood pounded in my ears and the broken ribs protested against my will to run but did. Screams of agony were heard over the lawn. The entire pack (including Billy) turned to look at me.


Another scream.

Billy's eye's held unshed tears, strong and stubborn as the old man was, his only son was in more pain then I'd be throughout my course of being kidnapped. The kicks, the bruises, the cuts and the scars were nothing compared to the re-breaking I'm sure was being done.

"Carlisle offered to help him." Embry muttered, helping me rest on the steps outside the barn-like house.

"Doc's re-breaking his bones." Paul said, his voice raspy as his own tears were held in. Behind me, I hadn't noticed the two running figures—Leah and Emily came panting into the lawn's view.

"For.. a damaged girl—" Leah heaved heavily.

Emily finished her sentence, "You run mighty fast."

The door swung open after one final howl of pain; Sam and Carlisle walked out, being sure not to hit me—the bruised, cut and broken girl. Feeling more then ignored, I glared at the blondes back.

"Keep him on the pain killers for a weak—I'm sure he'll suffice till next time I come by."

Sam sighed, and looked down at me, "He's been asking for you."

"Several times," Carlisle laughed lightly.

Getting help from Sam and Embry, I limped into the warm, cozy house down to the room where a sweat, broken, bandaged boy lay in his bed, panting lightly. He smiled a bit—apologetic.

I didn't bother with a 'hello', I just dove right into the better part of his chest and heaved a sob. Never in the time of knowing Jacob had he looked so weak and scared. Silently, he moved and cried too.


Jacob held in his grunts of discomfort from his wounds as he moved his arms around the sobbing girls frame; tears of his own mixing into the dirt that still covered her.

For a long while it was quiet and still. The warm radiated from him to her, she gladly complied by snuggling her face into his armpit, favoring the heat. "You okay?" She asked, hiccuping.

He raised an eyebrow, "You dove into me crying and your asking me if I'm alright."

"Jake, your completely destroyed! It's all my fault.."

"Yes. It is." Both Aliyah and Jacob looked up at the door; Bella stood with her arms clenched at her side.

"No, your not Aliyah." He growled, tensing up.

"No need to lie to her, Jake. She took your life away from you the moment you imprinted on her. If it's anyone's fault you can't live anymore—it's her's."

"Don't you dare—" Jacob sprang up, twirling Aliyah onto her side in the corner of his small bed. "—say that anything was her fault! Aliyah's done nothing; she's strong, she dependable, she's beautiful and Bella your just jealous!"

Bella scoffed lightly, "Why would I be jealous?"

"Because I don't want you." He spat, his frame trembling. She took a step back into Paul, where him and the rest of the pack stood, glaring down at her from their tall heights.

Without so much as a frown, she turned back to Jacob and used both her hands, hitting him full force in the bandaged area of his chest, sending him crashing back onto the sheets and Aliyah, howling with pain and clutching his chest as fresh tears sprung and shed over his face.

"Out, Bella!" Sam order, his voice thick and strong. She trembled under the alpha in his voice and ran out, pushing past a curious father. Billy took a look at his son, weeping Aliyah trying to 'shh' him to relaxation and the retreating figure of Bella Swan. His face hardened and sudden Billy no longer had the likes for Bella anymore.

Jacob twisted in Aliyah's arm, his breathing becoming hard because it was hard to take it in. Sam forced three large pills down his throat—Aliyah's hand nearly shot up to smack him for trying to drug her imprinter; but after a few moments Jacob's spasm's died and he breathed evenly in her arms.

"I think you should stay with Jake, Ali.." Quil stated, looking down at the droopy eyed male in her arms.

"Yeah, Jake's been through hell without you. One more night before going home won't hurt." Embry agreed, smoothing out her hair.

"Could someone let my mom know—I woke up in the woods a few hours ago and walked until you found me—you brought me back to Billy's to get cleaned up and were on your way to tell her." Jacob looked up at Aliyah as she spoke—Embry, Quil, Sam, Paul, Jared, Seth, Leah, Emily, his dad—they were all blurry. Aliyah, however, was clear as she moved so he was resting his head against a soft pillow.

"Sam and I will go call your mother, Aliyah." Emily smiled, already leading Sam out the door.

"Hey, I'll tag along!" Embry and Quil shouted together. Paul and Jared excused themselves out the door and left Billy, Seth, Leah and the two on the bed.

"You kid's better get home—though Seth, do you mind if you drop by sometime tomorrow? I could use some help with Jacob and Aliyah."

"Sure thing, B." Seth smiled, patting Billy on the back as he and his sister exited the room. Billy wheeled forward and sighed at his son.

"How'd it happen?" Billy asked, looking at the two.

Aliyah wouldn't open her mouth—when she didn't, Jacob rolled his eye's and spoke quietly, "I saw Aliyah, phased back and.. yeah.. and then the leech came at me. I was totally out of it." He turned to look at his dad, "I'm sorry."



"Is yeah.. uh—"

"NO!" Aliyah gasped, covering her face with Jacob's black silk sheets.

"Oh, so.. just a heavy make-out session?"

"Dad, please—"

"Just doing my job, kid." Billy threw his hands up.

"Just.. Leave." Jacob laughed lightly, resting his arm over Aliyah's leg.

As Billy was leaving, Aliyah sat up and stretched her arms, "I should take a shower." She stated.

"Yeah, you can use one of my shirts." Jacob offered, sliding further onto the bed as she slid off.

"Thanks." She pulled the white dress over her head and hung it on the doorknob. Jacob grunted in response, noticing something he never had before. Aliyah had soft curves—nothing big and dramatic; just slight and gentle curves. What caused Jacob to blush further then before was her current attire.

Matching set of bra and panties. Black, lace and obviously not new. She looked at Jake, who now had moved his eyes up to her face with wide eyes. "Towels are in the bathroom, right?"

He nodded, not trusting his voice.

When she left, he waited till the water ran and he moved so he had room on his tiny bed. Bad enough that his room was barley big enough for the tow of them, now sharing his bed was going to take alot of thinking through. Jacob decided on sleeping on the outside and snuggling with Aliyah on the inside—or just resigning on letting Aliyah lay on his good side lightly.

She bounded back in—towel clutched to her tightly as she wandered through his drawers. "Look away, Black." She laughed when he watched her curiously.

He closed his eyes, giving her privacy and when he felt her tug on his hand he opened them slowly and smiled. She wore the shirt that he wore most often—a green faded cut off shirt that bared her arms. She crawled into the bed next to him, her hair pulled into a bun.

"You know, the nape of your neck is one of my weakness'." Jacob mused, stroking her face. She nuzzled into his armpit again, favoring his scent.

"Is it?"

"Que Quowle?" He asked seriously, taking her face in his arm hand.

"Always." She breathed, kissing him passionately. . . ♥

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