Que Quowle.

Enter Aliyah Martin's life as she stands beside her best friend—now current boyfriend—as he struggles to maintain his anger and protect the people of La Push, while dealing with Aliyah's problems, and Bella Swan along the way.


19. 19

He felt horrible; the entire morning had dragged by and he was already falling weak as he fought blood thirsty leeches.

While several barking voices yelled at him through his hazed thoughts, he continued his quest against the damn bloodsuckers while trying to see if anyone had said a word about Aliyah.

His Aliyah.

His heart hurt—much more then any pack member wanted; it'd been like that since she was torn away by the redhead. He was tired, and lonely and he wanted her safe more then he wanted to protect Bella, his father, his family or friends. Not knowing what's happened to her was unbearable, he felt as if a huge hole had been punched through his chest.

By the time most of the army had be decapitated or burned, Alice stopped and turned to face the group her eye's glistening with unshed tears but not exactly focusing on anyone.

As another bloodsucker leapt for her, Emmett blocked his and growled. Jacob wasn't paying much attention. He heard a tiny sniffle from the undergrowth a few feet ahead of him.

"Now." A voice snarled. Not one, but two scared gasps moved as two forms emerged from the forest.

One was taller, and pale like ice. Her eye's crimson red, enough to match the scarlet that lined her shirt. She hesitantly walked forward, a second girl following.

She was shorter, and thinner. Her brown hair was messy and dirty, as was most of the rest of her cut and bruised body. Her once full eye's were empty and distant. Her sun kissed skin was an ugly pale. Her body was like bone—the flesh and little muscle clung to her last bit of strength.

Another thing that clung to her tiny frame was a clean white dress—held up by thin straps over her shoulders and the hit to around her mid thighs before it stopped, leaving her heavily bruised legs. The dress was loose around her, barely fitting her as she struggled to walk forward properly without tripping.

Jacob's breath hitched in his throat. He felt himself phasing back—not entirely smart but his blood began pumping and his heart ached more now as he shifted and stood tall, "A-Aliyah."

Curious, she looked up at him and her eye's filled with shock; as first with embarrassment that Jacob now stood nude in front of her, then in happiness. The shock was replaced by tears and she stumbled forwards, then jumped into his warm, shaking arms as he held her tightly.

Jacob's eye's slipped closed as he held his imprint in his arms for the first time in almost a month. To many, a month wasn't that long.

To Jacob and Aliyah, a month felt like years.

He breathed in, her rushing blood and faint vanilla smell still hung against her neck.

She sobbed.

More pain—this time it was a better pain, a pain that Jacob new as something far more wonderful then the emptiness of his own home.

He was finally complete.

Aliyah looked up at Jacob, her face smeared with dirt, not caring that one of a males most private parts was touching her. Not caring that half of the vampires and wolves had stopped to looked at the re-united couple.

A different glow radiated off both Jacob and Aliyah. Tears of his own dripped over their connected bodies, mixing with the blood, the dirt and the pain that throbbed in his heart.

Aliyah reached up and took Jacob's tear-stained face in her weak and fragile hands. She didn't care that angry and thirsty vampires surrounded her. She didn't care that her mother and brother were worried. She didn't care if Jacob or her were teased about their physical experiences for the rest of their lives—she just didn't care.

She pressed her lips against his; the response was automatic—he wormed his hands so they rested on her hips. At first, they touched then pulled away slightly before rushing together and repeating this for a few moments, quickening the pace. These kisses began to last longer as Jacob pushed her lips apart every now and then. Aliyah's hands had moved from his face to his chest to around his neck. He twined her fingers in his short hair and allowed herself to willingly move with Jacob. His hands moved to around her waist then back to her hips. A hand went up to her hair, and without breaking the kiss this time, he kept their lips together as the two sets moved hungrily before both pulled away gasping for air. Aliyah's hands moved so one hung around his neck and the other rested on his chest. Though Jacob had other impulses, he passionately but gently took her face into his large warm hands and kissed her again then left one hand on her cheek while the other pressed against the small of her back and drew her closer.

Neither said anything, for a few moments the world had stopped.

"I love you." She said sincerely, her eye's locked on his.

"I love you." His words had more meaning—value wasn't just enough for the two.

Without each other, they weren't the same.

"Jacob! Aliyah!" Eye's twinkling, the pair turned just as an angry snarl erupted.

Jacob had pushed Aliyah away in time just as the burly vampire shook Leah off and lunged at Jacob, grabbing his ribs and with a quick snap Jacob fell to the forest floor with a pained scream.

"Jacob!" From her spot on the ground she, crawled forward and stopped when she saw several large bumps in his stomach area.

She put a hand over her mouth to prevent the scream of her own.

"Jacob, relax." A the blonde haired doctor said just as the last vampire was torn and sent in with the flames. Bella and Edward had just entered the field to witness the pairs intimate kiss; Edward had bolted over, both Aliyah and Bella to stunned to say anything.

Half-expecting Jacob to cuss, Aliyah gently touched his chin. He looked up and panted, "Aliyah." The more the doctor moved his stomach, the more her name dragged out as a whine.

She pulled his head into her lap, and kissed his forehead. Bella's face held more then disgust, but envy too.

"Get her back to Billy's boys!" Sam ordered, and the bent to pick up the mangled frame.

"Leah, lead Aliyah back to Jacob's. We'll meet you there." Embry said.

She nodded, and picked Aliyah up and ran ahead of them.

And Aliyah was sobbing loudly the entire time.

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