Que Quowle.

Enter Aliyah Martin's life as she stands beside her best friend—now current boyfriend—as he struggles to maintain his anger and protect the people of La Push, while dealing with Aliyah's problems, and Bella Swan along the way.


17. 17

Shaking his head in shame, Jacob rapped uneasily on the paint chipped door. The sickly sweet scent filled his nose, causing his gag reflexes to kick in but he managed to keep a straight face until Charlie opened the door.


The tall tan werewolf smiled, "Hey there, Charlie."

"You looking for Bella?" Charlie leaned against the door frame, watching Jacob.

"Yeah, is she home?"

He scoffed, "Afraid not. Left with Cullen, you just missed her." He looked at the oversized boy with accusing eyes, "You haven't been around a lot."

Jacob smiled in apology, "I've been with my friend—Aliyah."

"Ah," Charlie shook his head, "This.. girlfriend of yours?"

"Yes." Jacob didn't miss a beat. Mr. Swan's chocolate brown eye's, so much like Bella's, crinkled as he smiled.

If anything, Charlie were happy that Jacob had moved on—though he wished that he'd done it a little slower, to see if Bella might've changed her mind. The father wasn't blind, anyone could tell that Bella had feelings for the Quileute boy, she just couldn't admit it to herself.

"Maybe if I get going, I might be able to catch up with them."

"Did you and Alissa get in a fight."

"Aliyah." Jacob corrected, "And no, we didn't, I just need some help with finding—" Jacob cut short. What was he thinking? He almost blurted out something important and he almost didn't realize it. "Never mind. Just wanted to have a chat with Bella."

"Well, I'm not sure where they live—not much of the town knows either. Good luck finding them."

"Thank you!" Jacob called over his shoulder, already heading down the road to the forest. He slipped out of his cut off jeans and tossed them in front of him, letting the heat take over his body, spreading it over every bone in his body.

Shaking violently, he landed on four red-brown paws. Stretching out his arms, he grabbed the jeans in his mouth and tore off into the thick maze, forgetting about the treaty.

A week ago, Jacob, Bella and Edward had all spoken about Victoria—the redheaded vampire. Jacob, being persistent, offered to help them with the army of newborns planning to attack, as long as they helped him with trying to get Aliyah back.

After having the pack explain to the Cullen's about imprinting, the mother of the bunch comforted Jacob.

Alice had offered to keep an eye on her; telling Jacob about how she was doing, not leaving out the details.

Jacob was more then thankful for the support this pack-mates were giving him, adding on the extra help from the 'friendly' vampires, but he was heart broken. His eye's were dull, he hadn't slept and barely ate. He was busy thinking about ways to kill the redhead, wanting nothing more then to make her suffer for taking his soul mate away.

Then he'd think about Aliyah, and break down, tears pooled in his eyes and he'd shamelessly let them fall.

He just hoped that they'd find her soon.

Absentmindedly running her fingers through Jasper's hair, Alice perked up at the sound of fast running. Jasper noticed her listening and followed suit, smiling when he heard the shimmering sound of the wolf's phase.

Before Jacob could knock, Alice and Jasper met Jacob at the door and smiled, "We've been waiting for you. Bella and Edward are upstairs."

"Get them down here." He said, not wanting to bother going upstairs.

"Yes, Jacob?" Edward asked, descending down the stairs with Bella in tow.

"The redhead came back about an hour ago. She didn't stick around long enough to give us leads—"

"Jacob, their in Seattle somewhere. It's like.. an abandoned parking lot and wood shop."

Jacob stared at Alice, a little more excited then before, "Great, then let's go—"

"There's at least 30 newborns, Jake; I've already tried talking them into it, it's not happening." Bella said, running a hand through her mangled hair.

Bella knew what it was like to loose the person you loved—not that she liked Aliyah much, but she made Jacob happy, and she didn't want him to endure the same pain she did. Jake was there for Bella, know it was her turn to be there for him.

Edward noticed Jacob's pained expression and tried to think of something useful to say, "The most we can do is prepare ourselves. For against the newborns; if you can get the rest of the pack to meet up again tonight, we can have another run-through." He sighed, and met Jacob's black eyes—they no longer held the rich brown. "I know you miss her; you being around Jasper is enough to know that, but I can hear your thoughts."

I want her back. Jacob's thoughts rang through the hollow walls of Edwards mind.

"I know." He whispered.

"We'll find her, Jacob." Alice smiled a little, enjoying Jacob's presence. He was like the little escape for her—her head was pounding.

Jasper nodding along with Alice, "We're doing everything we can. Edward and Alice are keeping a.. mind open for anything that'll give us a set date."

Just as soon as the words left Jasper's mouth, Alice stared off not seeing the large waving hand of Jacob's.

Her eye's moved around as if she were really watching the reality of it happening. When she re-focused, she looked around at the eager faces; Edwards pulled back in distaste.

"The decisions been made."

"You're not going to Seattle."

"No.. Bella, they're coming here."

"So what the hell does this mean?"

"An ugly fight, with lives lost." Carlisle said quietly from behind the group.

Jacob, clearly just wanting his say in everything, thought about the image of him taking revenge over Aliyah's kidnapping. He looked up, a looked of set determination on his face, "Alright. We're in."

"No, no way. You'll get yourselves killed." Bella said, shaking her head.

"Bella.." Jacob started, "This is what he do. Besides, you should be happy. Look at us, working together. You are the one who wanted us to get along." He sighed, "That shouldn't even matter—when it comes to Aliyah, I'm going to do what I think is best for her."

"We don't know what's best for her yet, Jacob." Edward countered.

"What's best is getting her home." He sighed again, pinching the bridge of his nose, "Look, what if we gave the redhead what she wants."

"Jacob!" Bella cried.

"Let me finish!" He growled a little, "She wants Bells; so we take her camping; she'll follow your scent—"He pointed at Edward,"—and you can finish her off. I just want her dead. If they attack, we could lead the newborns with her scent."

"Jacob has something there." Carlisle pushed off the wall and walked forward, "Have Bella trail her scent around the forest to the field we've been working at. From there, we'll fend them off, the wolves can come intact."

"Working together?"

"Of course, Bella." Edward said softly.

"This could work." Alice said.

Jacob looked around, pride in his thoughts for Aliyah's safety, "Alright. Then it's a go. Same time tonight." He turned to Bella and gave her a weak smile, "Bye Bells."

Jacob's thoughts were in a hurry as he felt the others phase in. He told them the plan; Sam hesitantly agreed and later that night the Quileute wolf pack found themselves working out an attack plan with the Cullen's.

Two reasons to why they were really intent on doing this.

The wolves — to get back they're rightful alpha's imprint.

The Cullens — to save Bella from the revengeful vampire.

So, this was really all over two small town humans; but it meant so much more to Edward and Jacob.

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