Que Quowle.

Enter Aliyah Martin's life as she stands beside her best friend—now current boyfriend—as he struggles to maintain his anger and protect the people of La Push, while dealing with Aliyah's problems, and Bella Swan along the way.


16. 16

My mom didn't bother to wait and hear the rest of my story; the words, "physical attraction" set her off on her little rampage of a lecture, Taylor sat in the corner, laughing as she drilled me on sex.

Such as, are you being careful—Jacob and I really weren't doing anything. Was I thinking about my future—not exactly, because I intend on it being with Jacob. She scoffed at this and got into the fact that dad wasn't around anymore.

I went to bed that night, waiting for Jacob to come around but he never did. The next morning, I sat at the table, mom still going on.

She also got into things like protection; condoms, the pill, or just being a nun and not doing anything at all. My mother was panting by the time I was able to speak, so I shot in at the first chance, "Mom, stop. Jacob and I haven't done anything serious yet! I'm not even thinking about it; you know I want to wait till marriage."

"It's not that I don't mind, it's just I don't what you to have a bastard child." I sighed. Mom was a bastard child; she didn't know her dad, like myself, but my parents were married.

"I know, I know. No kid's out of wedlock—hey, why aren't you lecturing Taylor about this?" With that, she whirled around and started screaming at him; he glared at me as I took a water bottle from the fridge and went to answer the door.

I saw Jacob before I got there, the wooden door was against the wall and his tall frame was smiling through the screen, "How much did you hear?" I asked, pushing it out of the way to step outside.

"I've been listening since I got away from dad."

I sighed, "Start from where you heard it."

"'You know better then to let some boy stick his—"

"Okay, I get it, Jake." I said, shaking my head to stop myself from hearing the talk again.

He laughed taking my hand and walked down the road to the beach. As we walked quietly, I glanced at Jacob's house as we passed; Billy had his arm's crossed, watching us carefully.

"How hard was he on you?" I asked, feeling guilty about his dad yelling at him.

He ran a hand through his hair and sat next to me on the dead tree truck. He leaned back, letting the sun cast over his features before he started, "He was a little different. Saying something more along the line's of, 'I understand, but you need to take precautions.'" He tried to do a poor mimic of his dad's voice, and I laughed a little. He smiled when I did so. "He also says that he doesn't hate you; or think any different of you."

I rolled my eyes, "I don't think that would be much of a setback for us." I stated, laying my head in his lap.

"He knows that," Jacob said quietly, more intent on my hair then the conversation.

"Hey, stick to the story, Black."

He rolled his eye's this time and went back into it, "It wasn't much of a help that the pack was there, Sam joined in on the talk. Sam did more of the, 'keep your thoughts to yourself and focus.' I think he was more afraid I was going to loose my cool and screw up and cost a life." I scoffed, twirling a strand between my fingers as he continued, "Jared and Paul did get a kick out of it, though Embry looked a little awkward; only natural. He doesn't have a dad to give him that talk, so I'd imagine it's a little easier because his mom's already given him that talk."

I frowned, "His mom still thinks he's into drugs and sex still, doesn't she?"

"He's grounded permanently, but he's always gone anyways. She still yells at him, but she knows it doesn't do any good."

"I'm surprised he hasn't cracked yet." I murmured.

Jacob shook his head, "No, Embry's too much of a softy to his mum." He moved so I was lying between his legs, "Everyone kind of got their nip at me today; even Emily. Though, she tried to make it sound like she was talking to her son, rather then her fiance's pack mate."

I smiled at the thought of Emily yelling at Jacob; hand on her hip, the other held a wooden spoon and was shaking it furiously in his face, telling him, 'No means no.'

"That must've been interesting. I'm sorry I missed that."

He chuckled darkly, "You did leave a little faster then I thought you would." He brought his arm up to rest behind his head, elevating his head up so he could look at me. I smiled at the sight of armpit hair. "You left me all alone." He accused.

I rolled my eyes, "Aw, muffin." I hugged his waist, enjoying the feeling of his hand run through my hair. I closed my eyes, feeling nothing but the slight movements Jacob made; hearing nothing but the soft sound of the water's waves slowing down as the sun set behind the mountains and the crisp night fell over us.

Other people had left the beach a while ago; the light on Jacob's porch shone bright enough for me to make out his features. Once again, we moved so we both were leaning against the log, kissing softly making no drastic movements. One of his large hands moved to cup the right side of my face, keeping me still as our lips moved.

Jacob put more passion into this kiss; in the garage yesterday. That was lust, needing, longing, wanting more then before. This was slow, soft, gentle, easy as breathing. When we pulled away for one of our very few breathers, I looked up at his house.

"Billy's watching, you know." I muttered. Jake removed his eye's from my face and looked at his father. Billy smiled sarcastically and raised a hand to wiggle his fingers before he shook his head and turned inside.

Jacob laughed a little and I rose an eyebrow, "What?"

"Nothing. Something dad said." He smiled before he pecked my lips and leaned back on his elbows.

I watched the forest. The tree's moved in the breeze and shadow's danced in the dark. I turned to look at Jacob again and sighed, "I missed you last night."

He sighed, "I know, I'm sorry."

"Where were you?"

"The redhead's getting closer; plus the Cullen's are back, so the packs on red alert."

I groaned, "Another thing to add to your pile of stress?" He watched me, with nothing but a helpless expression, "Jake; you don't even go to school anymore. This isn't healthy."

"It's not like I have much of a choice, Aliyah." He said, lying his head on the sand.

I watched him and took his hand, before I wrapped myself around it and hugged myself closer to his body, my head next to his. "It'll get better, Jake. I promise."

He leaned over me, eye's burning, "Not everything will. I'll still be this," He gestured to his body, "And for years, I'll have to be that. Until the day, you say yes and I whisk you off and pronounce you mine, I'll have to deal with it."

"The Cullen's can't be that bad; they don't drink human blood. And, Bella's going to get off your back, and you guys are smart. That redhead will be gone before summer even starts!"

"But school—I don't want to go on with nothing but a lame job. I'm going to have to support you later in life—"

"Jacob, I can get a job—"

"But I want to give you things!" He growled, "I want to spoil you rotten; take you to the nicest restaurants, and buy you diamonds and give you the life I know you deserve!"


"And a family. A beautiful house with a beautiful family." He sat back on his knees, still not letting me get anything in. "And a wedding; large, and white-"

"JACOB." I yelled over his ranting. He turned to me as I sat up, "If things get to hard, we'll run away."

He scoffed, "We're sixteen—"

"My point exactly. We have a few years before either of us need to worry about that, Jake. And even if we did run away, we could get away with it."


I stared at him, "Do you honestly think that you look sixteen, Jacob?"

He looked down at himself and shrugged, "I guess not." He looked up again, "But I'm not going to take you away from your family and school work."

"You won't!"

"Ali, please." I sighed, closing my eyes. "C'mon." I felt him stand next to me, When I looked at him, his hand was held out to pick me up, "It's getting late, I'll walk you home."

Even though I lived a few minutes away from Jacob, him walking me home made it all better. When we got closer to my house, Jacob started to tense up.

He turned his head to face across the street— to the forest. A sound formed in the back of his throat, causing me to automatically move behind his back. I looked around his arm as the sound echoed from him, and a figure came from the forest.

Unruly, red hair. Pale faced, absolutely perfect. Black eye's flecks of red left in them. She smiled, looking pointedly at me.

"This is your girlfriend, mutt?" Her voice was hard. She cocked her head to the side, peering around his body, watching me.

"Leave." I almost stepped away from Jacob. His frame was shaking a little, but his voice and face was nothing I've ever seen before. It was Sam's Jacob—not mine.

The redhead laughed, and was nose to nose with him in less then a second, "Where's the fun in that?"

Jacob pushed me back a little, then quickly looked over at my house. None of the lights were on, meaning Mum and Taylor had already gone to bed.

"She smell's beautiful; is that why you like her?"

"It's a little more then like," His voice was still hard, but the subject of his love for me caused him to falter from his act. "Why are you hear?"

She sighed, "I'm hunting—" Jacob stiffened, taking a step back, pressing me against the tree behind me, him pressed against me. "—As I said; she smell's beautiful."

"Leave her alone."

"Oh, I wouldn't kill her. No, dear pup, I've got another pathetic human on my mind." Jacob was going to retort; probably to the comment about pathetic human, but stood quiet.

And I knew why.

Horse-sized figures came up from behind us, growling quietly. The lights on my street were pretty much dead, so it was more of a ghost town. The three wolves snapped at the redhead, causing her large eye's she narrow into slits.

I know that Paul was there; the large, silver-grey wolf gave me that. The other two were a little knew, A pure black wolf and a chocolate brown wolf.

"Sam." Jacob said, his arms grasping my waist as he tried to hold a strong stance but keep me safe at the same time.

The redhead looked thoughtful for a second, "But she means so much." She tapped her chin, "And you did kill my friend."

Jacob snorted, "Friend. Right."

She ran up to Jacob, with speed unimaginable and caught the collar of his shirt, then yanked to the left, tossing him aside from me. She stared at him and growled, "So, as I told Laurent, I'll tell you, an eye for an eye." She looked at me, "A friend for a.. friend." She smirked, grabbing me quickly as she turned and ran back into the forest.

I could briefly see Jacob's pained face, but I mainly saw the wolves running after her. Jacob caught up after; the large eye's gleamed with hatred as he forced himself faster.

The redhead's speed was sickening, I wanted to protest but before I could even speak a word, she added pressure to my chest and I heard a low crack. I screamed in pain, the wolves paws pounded harder against the damp earth.

She jumped over a creek, six, pale figures chasing after her now. I saw the wolves stop; pain on their faces as I realized that I was on Cullen land.

Their golden eye's blazed as they saw me, a large, burly vampire growling as he neared.

"Emmett! You get too close, you'll hurt her!" He faltered a little, seeming to debate with himself.

They chased her for a while, until large city lights came into view. I heard the ocean again, this time it wasn't the soft lapping of the waves; it was the angry crash of them. She dumped me on the floor; my head hit concrete hard and I groaned again.

A male walked over to us, watching me carefully.

"Another one, Victoria?"

She scoffed, "Hardly. She's one of the wolves girlfriends." She kicked me a little lighter then before so I was facing up, "I'm going to use her against them, if she means that much."

When he kissed her, I looked away. The ground was cold, me being in nothing but a pair of jeans and one of Jacob's old t-shirts didn't help much either.

I missed the heat; and I felt myself falling apart as I thought of Jacob.

Looking at them again, the male was at her neck, though she didn't look like she was into it as much as he was. She glared at me. I turned away again, trying not to move so much.

The pain in my chest increased when I tried to go on my side. I barely made a sound as I lie flat on my back, wishing that the pain in my body would subside long enough for me to move. If I could get to a store, I could get help.

I could get back to Jacob.

I slipped my eye's closed, hearing nothing much the dark laughter from the two, heartless vampires.

Dying wasn't easy.

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