Que Quowle.

Enter Aliyah Martin's life as she stands beside her best friend—now current boyfriend—as he struggles to maintain his anger and protect the people of La Push, while dealing with Aliyah's problems, and Bella Swan along the way.


15. 15

Week's passed, and I was getting better. I could walk in a straight line, the heat had stopped. I could actually eat a meal without puking, the only thing left was the nasty cold.

With me getting better, Jacob was getting worse. Rumor has it that Quil could be joining the pack, putting alot of pressure on Jacob and Embry. On top of that, Jacob had double patrol, because of the redheaded vampire roaming around the forests.

Today, I was spending the day at Billy's with Emily. He said the house was getting dirty and he needed some other food idea's in his stomach, so I was helping out as much as I could.

"Billy," I said, holding the pizza box away from my body, "Why was this under the couch?"

He shrugged, "Not a clue, m'dear."

I chucked it into the garbage bag and groaned. "This living room is going to take all day. And it's small!"

"Wait till you hit Jake's room," Billy grumbled, "Hey Sam." I looked over to the door and smiled.

"Hey there, Billy, nice to see you Aliyah."

"Likewise, Sam." I grunted, reaching under the couch again.
Someone sat on the couch, causing it to go down on my hand.

"GET OFF YOU FAT TARD!" I screamed at Embry. I looked up, watching as Sam and Billy shot us looks. Jared and Paul were laughing hard, holding their stomachs.

"Hey, where's Jacob?" Billy asked the boys while I tended to my swollen wrist.

The boy's quieted and looked at me, then Billy, "Bella came by for a visit."

"She didn't leave?" I asked.

"What do you mean, 'Didn't leave'?"

"I told her an hour ago that Jacob wasn't home and that Charlie was looking for her." Billy said, looking out the window.

"Really?" Embry asked, both Billy and I nodded, "Damn. She's a presistant little girl, isn't she?"

I sighed, "Sam, you might want to go hunting for your fiance. I'm sure she's lost somewhere around this house." He chuckled at my tone of voice and went off, calling Emily's name here and there. The rest of the boy's sat on the couch, or what they could of the two seated sofa. It was rather small, and it groaned under their massive weight—I was starting to feel bad for the poor couch.

Minutes later, Jacob walked in and growled, slamming the door. "She's so damn annoying!"

Looking up from my red puffed wrist, I glanced at Jacob, taking in his frustrated expression. He noticed the room and smiled at me, "You did a good job." He noted.

Then he glanced at my wrist.

In one swift movement, he knocked Jared off the end of the couch and picked me up. He carried me to the small bathroom, ignoring Jared's spiteful mutters and rested an icepack on my wrist.

"What happened?"

I sighed, "It's not a big deal, Jacob. I was cleaning under the couch—stupid idea—and Embry sat down while my hand was still under."

"So it's his fault."

"If you were going to blame someone, yes—"

"You're dead, Call!" He shouted, booming down the hall into the living room. Jacob had a bad habit of taking things to the next level with the pack.

"I think you need a mellow time," Sam said, grabbing Jacob by the end of his shirt. He tugged him outside, and spoke with him for a while, before Jacob slouched off and Sam re-entered. He sent Emily over with a tenser bandage and she held the icepack accordingly to my wrist. She wrapped it up, after a while and sat me down on the couch.

"He's just stressed," I said, answering everyone's unspoken question. "I mean, not only him, but everyone's running double patrols, more nights then usual. Plus the Quil thing, and now Bella."

"Plus making sure that your safety come's before his or anyone else's," Sam added, nodding a little to what I was saying.

"Right." I sighed, "He's just doing his job and what he's told. And doing everything he can to sometimes just get away; but Bella getting in the picture obviously isn't helping."

Paul groaned, "We're all tired and stressed."

"I was speaking for Jacob." I looked down at my hand, "Somebody had to."

After that, everyone started bickering about who had it worse and what-not, before Billy touched my shoulder and whispered, "You know where to find him."

I nodded, then slicked away from the group, walking out the front door and around to the back of the house. I moved my way through the heavy rain. I stood in the wide door's to the small man-made garage and watched him.

Even though the rabbit was running perfectly, I knew that fixing things distracted him. Now, his long, toned legs stuck out from under the car and the wrench clicked as he either tightened or loosened something.

I wasn't very good with that stuff.

After closing the two sliding doors, I walked over to the car, leaning against the side, watching his legs move from their positions.

Flat down, both knee's in the air, one flat down-one knee in the air.

After half an hour of listening to him sigh, and fix things under the car, he rolled out—flat on his back and looked at me.

"You haven't said anything."

I shrugged, "You like fixing things. I know it helps you when your confused or stressed, so I didn't bother you."

He smiled a little, "Then why'd you come?"

I shrugged again, sticking my hands in my pockets, "Force of habit."

He stood and walked over to me, placing his hands on my hips and pressing his body to mine. I snaked my arm's around his waist and rested my head against his chest, enjoying the heat.

When I looked up at him, I chuckled at his face. A grease smudge on the side of his nose and on the entire right side of his face. His hands were covered in black—I'm really lucky I wore cut off shorts and a already dirty shirt.


"You've got grease all over you." I stated, playing with his soot covered hands.

"Naturally, I was fixing a car." He watched me for a moment before he quickly rubbed his hands over my face. I screamed in protest and pushed him away.

"Jacob Black!" He laughed, moving towards me again. "No, no, no. You stay away,"

"Cm'ere," He whispered, his hand outstretched. I smacked them and ran away, watching as he followed, only he was walking rather then running.

I ran to the car door, opening it and locking both sides. He smirked and shrugged before leaving. After a while, he jogged back into the garage, slammed the door shut and jingled the keys in his hand.

"NO!" I screamed, moving into the back and curling into a ball. He laughed as he opened the door and locked in behind him, joining me in the back.

"Jacob, I swear if you rub anymore of that on me I'll—" He pressed his lips to mine in a silence.

I smiled at him, pressing them to his again.

And again.

And again.

I locked my arms around his neck, pulling him closer and smiled slightly when I felt his lips begin to demand more. I knew that he might have been a little excited to kiss me again; you would be too if you hadn't kissed the love of your life for more then three weeks.

Growling, he pulled me so I sat on his lap. I licked his lips once before he opened them automatically and his tongue gently tangled with my own. His hands tightened his grip on my waist; months ago I thought tongue action was going to be weird, but now it was like drugs. It tasted good, believe it or not.

I played with the hem of his shirt, he got the message and pulled away to take it off. He tossed it beside him, watching my face carefully as my hands roamed over his broad shoulders and down his long, toned arms.

Oh, god.

I trailed one finger down his stomach, then ran both back up and kissed him roughly. He laughed against my lips, "I thought you were sick."

"No." I grumbled, molding my mouth to his. He constricted me against him as I traced over his shoulders and upper arms repeatedly. The metallic taste of his tongue added with the smell of pine, dirt and gasoline edged me further.

I moved against him, certainly getting a response out of him. With a quiet moan, he grasped my shirt and ripped it off. I stared it him in shock, looking at my shirt that was now in two.

"Opps," He whispered before I took his mouth again. I felt a rather large bump against my inner thigh and Jacob blushed.

I laughed, "Pitching a tent, Jacob?" I didn't know what came over me—perhaps it was the need to be held by Jacob, or the fact that a raging heat now coursed through my body, but I moved so I pressed my hand against that bump.

Jacob sucked in a shallow breath.

On a different level then reality, his hands moved, on cupping my butt as the other squeezed my breast. I bit on his lower lip, earning a groan as my hand picked up the pace.

Jacob started to thrust in time with my hand, "Oh, god, Ali, yes."

His muscles under my other hand started to tense, and I pushed my mouth to his, earning far more then a growl, but a full, pleasured moan.

Both hands moved to my waist and he replaced my hand with me and rocked me against, without so much as a protest from me. Heat coursed through my body, sweat clung to his face; his overrated body heat didn't help much, but the car's windows were fogged.

His hands squeezed my waist, surely leaving a bruise or two as his movements increased in speed. His mouth slammed on my lips, making me whine. This set something off in him.

He attacked my mouth, neck and face, biting, sucking, licking—there was a point and time when it was just our tongues. I was now pressed myself harder against him, white spots covering my vision as the center of my heat reached a limit and I pulled away, moaning loudly.

"Jacob," I groaned, then heard a loud laugh.

Both Jacob and I turned out heads to the window. He reached over, a look of pure rage set on his face as he cleared the window from the white fog.

Outside, by the doors, Embry and Paul stood, clutching their stomachs as they laughed—to hard to make a noise.

I turned back to Jacob and touched his lip slightly where I'd bitten it. He moved me behind him further away from the boys and kissed my red wrist lightly before he kissed me, "Love you, Ali."

"Love you, Jake." He turned back to the two boys, before he moved from me, throwing me a 'Don't watch' look as he exited the car. I crawled closer to the window, my eye's set on Jacob's muscled back. They moved with every step he took, Embry and Paul stopped laughing when Jacob's frame started shaking violently.

You could barely see him, it was a giant, tan blur. No more then five seconds after, his body raged and quickly morphed, russet brown fur sprouting in places. I pressed my face right against the window; this is the first time I'd ever seen Jacob in his wolf form.

"WOAH!" Embry screamed, stumbling back as Jacob snapped and snarled at them; it was grisly like. Paul on the other hand, stepped forward, bursting into his own large horse-sized ball of dark silver fur.

Fear struck me when Paul swatted at Jacob, causing him to hiss loudly and pounce. I moved to the front of the car, watching as Embry glided after them, a massive ball of grey and black running after them.

"JACOB!" I screamed, rushing out of the car after him. Sam and Jared both rolled out of the house, Billy following after.

"What happened?"

"Jake.. got mad? And phased and Paul phased and the sorta fought in the garage, and Embry when after them." I told Jared.

"Aliyah, why are you topless?" Sam asked, raising an eyebrow at me.

I folded my arms, "Long story." I shifted under Billy's gaze. He sighed and rubbed his face with his hands.

"Find my son, please." He ordered Sam. I watched as they walked off into the forest, kicking off their shoes and shirts as they went. "Emily, could you find three extra pairs of shorts for the boys?"

"Of course."

I bit my lips waiting in the eerie silence before the could rain began to prick my skin. I ran back to the car, and grabbed Jacob's large, black shirt from the floor. As I was fixing it on my way back outside, I saw Jacob emerge out from the trees.

He walked right to me, ignoring Sam's calls.

"I'm sorry." He mumbled, picking me up and twirling me.

"Are you alright?" I asked, touching his face worriedly. He smiled.

"I'm perfectly fine."

"Jacob.." He turned to look over his shoulder. I moved so I stood beside him, watching as Billy glared. He glanced at Jacob's hand and took in a deep breath, "Oh, yeah. We definitely need to have a talk."

Jacob threw his head back and sighed. I patted his stomach and and shook my head, "You knew it was coming." I whispered.

"Wait till I talk to your mom, Aliyah." Billy then said. I looked at him.

"AW MAN!" I whined, throwing Jake's shirt on. He patted my head and smiled.

"I'll visit you later." He said, swooping down to peck my lips quickly before I took off towards my Ford truck. I started then engine, watching Jacob wave once before Paul pushed him with a glare. Embry was explaining to Billy, Sam and Emily and Jared were laughing. Hard.

I sighed and pushed my trucks limits and made it home.

Might as well tell my mom before Billy.

"Mom, I want to ask you about something." She smiled at me and brought me into the kitchen, made hot chocolate and sat and talked with me for a long while.

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