Que Quowle.

Enter Aliyah Martin's life as she stands beside her best friend—now current boyfriend—as he struggles to maintain his anger and protect the people of La Push, while dealing with Aliyah's problems, and Bella Swan along the way.


14. 14

After the doctors appointment with Jacob and Sam, we drove back to Emily's. Jacob set me on the couch while Emily brought me some fresh soup and tea. Jacob sat next to me, placing a blanket over my shivering body.

I was no longer hot, but rather cold.

"Eat up and then you can watch some television and rest, alright?"

I nodded to Emily, "Thank you."

She smiled sympathetically, "Anytime,"

I slurped the soup quietly, letting Jacob play with my hair. The house was silent, except for the quiet sizzling of the frying pan in the kitchen. I felt so calm, listening to Jacob's slow, soft breathing, the sauce in the pan bubbling, the rain hitting the window gently.

I was falling asleep slowly before the screen door slammed open.

"So, I heard our little pup has pneumonia." Paul said, taking the seat on the floor infront of me.

"How you feeling, Lolo?" Seth asked, a little more quiet then Paul.

"She was falling asleep until Paul barged in." Jacob growled, handing Emily the soup bowl. He stroked my cheek as I lay down on him.

"Oh," Seth said, looking at me, "I'm sorry."

"It's fine, Seth." I yawned, slipping my eye's shut. Jacob rocked me back and forth, I listened to Seth and Paul's retreating frames. Now there was another sound added to my harmony.

Bubbling sauce. Gentle rain. Soft, slow breathing. Quiet mummers of teen males.

I nodded off against Jacob, the last thing I felt was him slipping from under me and tucking me into the couch.


When I woke again, there was more voices, laughter. There was the clattering of dishes and the warm scent of pasta. When I opened my eyes, the once, dark room lit by the gray clouds outside was now lit by the warm lamps in the two corners on either side of the t.v.

I stretched forward, regretting it as my head pounded, my temples throbbed. I looked around, noticing Jacob watching me from then end of the sofa.

I yawned, and rubbed my eyes, "Why aren't you eating?"

"I was waiting for you to wake up."

I made an awkward noise in the back of my throat and looked at him, "What time is it?"

He shrugged, "Like, seven thirty."

I furrowed my eyebrows, "Really?" He nodded, his hand rubbing my calf through the thick comforter, "I've been asleep for a while."

"Yes, you have. If it weren't for your snoring, I would have thought you were slipping into a coma." I ignored the snoring jibe.

I didn't snore.

"Well I'm up now," I said, "Go eat. I know your hungry."

He shook his head, "I'm not. I don't want anything but for you to get better, Ali." He said, resting his head against the back of the sofa."Your mom and brother are here too,"


"Yeah, we just finished eating. Would you like to go home now?" I looked at Jacob, and back at Taylor. Taylor sighed, "Jacob can tag along." I smiled.


"Which one?" Jacob asked.

"Titanic." I said, lazily watching as he bent and inserted the disc. I sat back on the sofa, the light's turned off, snuggling next to Jacob as the opening credits to Titanic played.

The picture of Rose when she was younger was beautiful, I simply adored it. Taylor sat with us and watched when they showed that part, smirking and whistling when he noticed she was actually naked in the portrait.

I got Jacob to smack him, which sent him away from the tiny living room. Jacob's father came over to chat with my Mum. I paused the movie, and greeted him with a tired smile. Jacob practically carried me around the house. When I needed to go to the bathroom, he swept me up the stairs and back down.

I changed a little later into the movie, ending up in a pair of Taylor's plaid boxers and Jacob's wife beater. Taylor didn't like the fact that Jacob was shirtless next to me, but he saw the way Jake looked at me and didn't say anything.

We ate some of the left over pasta Emily gave us silently, watching as Rose and Jack spat over the railing. I giggled quietly when I saw the plump lady watch her in disgust. Jacob looked down at me and smiled, kissing my cheek lightly.

Taylor gagged, leaving the room and sprinted up the stairs. Billy and Mum chuckled. Mum sat next to Billy in the recliner.

Later, the sunset as I watched as Rose took the pin from her hair, letting it loose. Rose dropped her barely see-through bathrobe. She posed the way Jack wanted her too, I watched as the screen showed the naked chest. I huddled closer to Jacob, glaring at the t.v.

Scene's later, the two were running away, trapped in the boiler room. After the steamy sex scene, we paused the movie knowing it was coming to a high point.

I got myself another water bottle, and some more of Emily's pasta. I looked outside, the rain fell heavily. Jacob towed me back into the living room, Billy and Mum watching us with happy eyes, "You two are adorable." Mom had said.

"I'm just happy that it's Ali, rather then Bella. I always had—"

"—A hunch that they would end up together?" Mom finished.

He laughed, "Yes."

When the sinking came around, I cried, picturing myself and Jacob being faced with a life and death matter. Watching as Jack slipped away into the ocean, I saw Jacob, cold, lifeless, pale and purple drowning in the beautiful ocean down the road.

The old lady tossed the gem into the ocean at the end, and for some reason, she always made me sad.

When the movie was finished, I stretched nuzzling next to Jacob. He picked me up, and looked at Mum and Billy. "Take her to her room, Jacob. Then we'll be on our way."

Without another word, he silently ran upstairs to my room. He placed me on the bed and stole a quick kiss, just barely touching my lips.

"Goodnight, Aliyah."

"Night, Jacob."

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