Que Quowle.

Enter Aliyah Martin's life as she stands beside her best friend—now current boyfriend—as he struggles to maintain his anger and protect the people of La Push, while dealing with Aliyah's problems, and Bella Swan along the way.


12. 12

The worst thing about Jake being a werewolf? No company at lunch.

Or throughout the day.

Jacob and Embry were kept home for their own safety. Paul and Jared didn't come to school either; they were, as the other students called it, 'Drop outs.'

I trudged through the long hall to the lunch room to sit with Kim. I'd gotten used to her, she wasn't half bad, other then the fact that she was quiet.

I was fine with that.

"Afternoon, Lolo." Kim, Jared and Paul have given me their own nickname; aside from Ali.

I remember the day that they gave me it.

"You don't like Ali, I can't call you Leah, or Leelee, what would you like us to say!? Your full name?!" Jared bellowed, throwing his hands up in the air.

"I like Leelee." I muttered, folding my arms.

"I like Lolo," Paul said. I looked over at him from Jake's warm lap.

"Lolo? Where the hell did you get an 'O' from my name!?" I laughed, throwing my head back as Kim snickered at Paul.

"It's just a thought," He stated.

Jared smirked at me, "What'd you think, Lolo?"

Instead of grimacing when he said it, I shrugged. "Get everyone to call me Lolo, and I'll agree to it."

"While I'll call you Ali." Jacob smiled, bouncing me in his lap.

"Hey, Kimmy." I said quietly, sitting next to her on the bench. She looked at me with worried eyes.

"You alright, Aliyah? You look sick."

"Sick how?"

"You've got bags under your eyes; dark purple. And your paler then you were yesterday." She touched my hand, and pulled it back, "And your as hot as Jacob and Jared; Ali, I think we need to get you to the nurse!"

"What?!" I asked, my voice a whisper. A sharp pain crossed my stomach, and I moaned. "I think I need to go to the bathroom." Without further word, I bolted from my place to the closest bathroom.

And on my way, I bumped into Quil.

"Aliyah, Hey!" He stopped me from going anywhere. Last week, I kinda flipped at Quil for taking me out then kissing a girl the day after; then I felt bad for it, because I kissed Jacob.

"Quil, not now." I hissed, trying to rip my arm free from his grasp. He didn't seem to notice.

"Look, Aliyah, I'm really sorry—"

"Sorry! I know! Quil, seriously, I don't feel well, let me go!"

"What?" He touched my forehead, and just like Kim, he looked at me with shock, "Woah! Go to the nurse, forget the bathroom!" He said, towing me down the hall out of the building.

I coughed loudly; a gut-wrenching sound from the back of my throat. He led me to the main building, into the office. On our way in, we bumped into Mrs. Pomfry; the school nurse.

Before Quil could say anything, she looked at me and pulled with behind her.

In the office, she took my temperature, and gave me some advil to 'help kill the fever'. After ten minutes, the pain in my stomach grew, I groaned loudly, sinking back into the crackly papered bed.

I expected Taylor or my Mom to burst into the small office; to my surprise, Sam did instead.

"Who're you?" The nurse asked.

"Samuel Uley; Aliyah's mother was unable to make it." He looked at me, "How you holding up?"

"Terribly." I muttered, coughing again.

"I suggest you contact her mother and inform her that she's got a temperature of 102. It's a little high; no healthy person should be in her condition like this."

"She's holding up better then most, isn't she."

"Yes, she is."

He sighed, looking down at me. I knew that look; it's the look he's been giving Quil.

I frowned, Please don't tell me I'll be like them.

"C'mon," He said as he heaved me from the bed. "I'll bring you to Emily's; we'll call your Mum and tell her where you are." He turned back to the nurse, "Please inform Taylor Martin that his sister is sick and that he should come to Sam's house; please?"

"Of course, get her to the hospital."


He walked out of the building, to the small, blue rabbit parked carelessly on the curb. I looked up at him and sighed, "We're not going to the hospital, are we?"

He sighed, "If your not any better tomorrow, I'll go with your Mum to the hospital."

I closed my eyes as he drifted to Emily's; it wasn't a long car ride, but it was long enough to make me motion sick.

Once there, I bolted from the car, into the house and to the bathroom, passing Paul, Jared and Jacob on my way. I could hear Jacob's worried calls as he followed me.

When he entered the bathroom, he stopped mid-sentence as he saw me bent over the toilet, puking what little I had in my stomach. A lot of it was just gagging because I couldn't breathe. He held my hair as he rubbed my back, watching in pain as I panted heavily.

I wiped my mouth on my sleeve, then took the shirt off; I was glad that I wore a sports bra today.

"Ali, what's wrong?" Jake fussed over me, moving his body away when I groaned at the heat.

"My body hurts! I'm tired, and it's difficult to breathe! I feel hot, everywhere! Jacob, I'm almost as hot as the Pack and yourself!" I cried, blowing out, across my body. "I think Sam think's there's a possiblity I could be—"

"No! No way! There's no way; I've already looked into it; your grandfather missed the curse; as did your father." He said, shaking his head.


"Not. Another. Word. About. It." He sighed, handing me the ice pack Sam had tossed him. When I didn't take it, he pressed it to my forehead and relaxed next to me.

"Why do I have a feeling that I'm going to be here all afternoon?"

"This is my fault." Jacob said quietly.


"It's my fault. I kept you in the rain, you were already sick; I'm sorry."

"Jacob, it's not your fault. You don't know that; there's that 24 hour bug going around, remember?"

"Yeah, I remember.." He sighed, "The night I changed I thought I had it." I laughed a little at him. He looked so worried; a sixteen year old, looking like a 25 year old man, pouting.

I touched his face, "Just give it time. Things will get better."

"And if they don't?"

I pressed my lips together, "Then I'll endure it silently."

He kissed me once, "You can complain all you want." He murmured.

"Another reason as to why I love you so much." I giggled; I turned to him and regretted it.

Sharp pain crossed my stomach, and I lurched towards the toilet, Jacob already two steps ahead, held my hair and muttered sweet nothings in my ear.

He was always going to be this supportive.

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