Que Quowle.

Enter Aliyah Martin's life as she stands beside her best friend—now current boyfriend—as he struggles to maintain his anger and protect the people of La Push, while dealing with Aliyah's problems, and Bella Swan along the way.


9. 09

"What is this?"

"Well, it's Jake and Aliyah, and they're sleeping." I recognized Jared's voice.

"No no no, they're not sleeping. Jake's cuddling." Embry snickered as if it was the funniest thing in the world.

I kept my eyes closed for a minute longer, trying to memorize the feeling of waking up like this. When I opened my eyes I realized I was facing Jake's chest and he had one arm draped lazily over my waist, absentmindedly drawing patterns. Our legs were a tangled mess over the knit blanket he must have covered me with last night. In all honesty, I didn't want to move from this position. But I was suddenly very aware of the three people hovering over us from beside the bed. I stretched out a little before attempting to release myself from Jake's grasp. I tried squirming, stretching, and pushing, all to no avail. However, Jared, Paul and Embry found my attempts hilarious.

"Help?" I whispered, my eyes pleading silently.

"Not. A. Fat. Chance." Embry smiled.

"Want to see how fast I can make Jake kick your as-"

"You wouldn't." He glared, Paul and Jared were already inching out the door.

"JACOB!" I screamed, pressing into him. Just as I promised, Jacob responded by hugged me tighter. "Jake, Embry, Jared and Paul are laughing at me." Embry snarled lowly, and pinched my butt. "OW! Jacob, he's touching me inappropriately!"

Jacob's eyes opened in an instant and he shifted up so he was glaring at the three cowering boys. His eye's opening was enough to terrify someone.

"Afraid?" Jacob's husky voice asked.

"N-No," Embry said, much less with confidence. Jacob kissed my cheek once, then sat up and crawled over me. I watched him stand chest to chest with Embry and watch as all that confidence Embry had flush out from his body.

It was like looking at walking Jello.

"N-Now Jacob," Embry started, backing up slowly as Jake approached him, "Let's not do anything rash."

Jacob whispered something mainly to Embry, which he ran off down the hall. Jacob laughed loudly and turned to me, appraising my morning hair.

He laughed a little harder.

I pouted, pulling the covers over me. I lay in the spot Jake had been moments ago and felt Jacob lift the sheet and crawl in behind me, "No, no, no! Don't be pouty with me." He pleaded, warm arms embracing me.

He kissed my exposed neck lightly, trailing butterfly kisses up my jaw, resting under my ear. When I didn't respond, he grunted sadly and flipped me so I was under him.

Looking down at me, he smiled and rubbed our noses. "Are you mad at me?"


"That's not very polite, Aliyah."

"I'm impolite."

"Oh really?"

"Mhm, And I'm not so sorry." He pressed our foreheads together and sighed. I ran my hands through his thick hair and closed my eyes.



"Open your eyes," Doing as he said, I blinked them open and the first thing I saw was his baby browns. He moved his lips down on mine and sat up on me.

He wasn't as heavy as I thought he would be, considering the muscle gain and height.

"Jacob," Someone called lightly from downstairs. Both of us looked towards the door. My stomach growled and Jacob chuckled.


"Most likely," I flushed, rolling off the bed. He helped me up and led me downstairs where the boy's from last night surrounded the table. Embry looked up and twitched sideways a little.

"I warned you," I said, leaning against the wall. He looked up and glared.

"You're an evil child,"

"Meh." I turned away from him, taking the bowl of cereal Jacob held. I looked around the room, watching the others watch me. After swallowing, I said: "Take a picture—"

"It'll last longer." They said lazily. I furrowed my eyebrows and looked down.

"Oh, your awake." The females voice said. I smiled at her. "Jacob, she looks tired. You didn't keep her from sleeping, did you?"

"No, uh, I was downstairs last night and he came in. I kept myself awake." She looked concerned.

"Jacob should have brought you upstairs," She scolded Jake, glaring from under her eyelashes.

"Hey, She procrastinated, Emily." So the pretty face had a name.

"I don't give a hoot, Jacob Black." She sighed, "Eat dear, then I'll have Jake take you home."



"So, are you still up for that council meeting?" Jacob asked as he carried me home—much against my will.

"I suppose,"

"Great, because everyone's getting together tonight; I'd like you to come."


"Yeah, I thought—I mean, they thought it'd be nice if you heard the stories."

"But, it's a council meeting, Jake. I don't know if I should—"

"Aliyah, please?" I stopped, looking up at him.

"Okay, fine."

"Perfect," He kissed my cheek lightly, "Pick you up later!" He yelled as he ran off down the road.

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