Que Quowle.

Enter Aliyah Martin's life as she stands beside her best friend—now current boyfriend—as he struggles to maintain his anger and protect the people of La Push, while dealing with Aliyah's problems, and Bella Swan along the way.


7. 07

The winds got harsh, letting the rain whip across the surface of the dirt. I shivered violently, wanting nothing more then to be in the warmth of my own house.

It's been a while, the moon had risen hours ago.

Outside, on the porch, Embry stood there glaring at my shivering frame. "What the hell were you thinking?!" He bellowed. I quivered under his sharp stare.

"I-I j-just needed to b-blow of-f some st-team." I said slowly, hugging myself tightly. He softened and took me into his arms, brought me inside and set me on his couch.

"What were you doing outside anyways?" He asked, throwing a thick blanket over me, then pulling me into him. I was enveloped with heat and accepted it.

"I went looking for Quil; but he's was.. Er, busy." I looked away, pressing my fingers to his warm chest eagerly. He shook softly, then moved so I was completely covered by the warmth.

His look was soft now and I saw my Embry in those rich brown eyes, "What about just running after Jake and I?"

I snorted, "Does it really look like Jake's happy with me at the moment?" He shrugged resting his head against the arm of the couch. "Why was he mad, anyways?"

He hesitated, "To be honest, I know why, but I don't understand why it bothered him that much. So, honestly it'd be pointless to try to explain." I sighed loudly at his words.

"Well, someone better explain soon." I growled, hugging myself again.

Embry looked down, and knotted his eyebrows together, "Your lips are blue; how long were you outside anyways?"

"I don't know, I went to Quils, then walked here, like, all night, maybe?"

He sighed, then shifted again, pushing me under him. I embraced the warmth happily. There were knocks coming from the door, more then just one person.

"Come in," Embry called. I watched as three large figures entered, one stiffened. Jacob, Paul, and Jared.

"Oh, well, isn't this lovely," Jake said sarcastically. I looked down, in hopes of hiding the hurt playing across my face.

"What the hell?" Jared asked, raising his eyebrows at the position Embry and I were in.

"She's was out in the rain,"

When I looked over Embrys shoulder, my hair clung to my face and my body shook violently again. Each of the males faces grimaced, "How long was she outside?" Paul asked.

"All night," I nodded, confirming Embry's words.

"We've got to bring her to Sam's," Paul said urgently. Embry got off the couch and Paul instructed Jacob to pick me up and carry me.

"I can walk," I protested quietly, avoiding Jake's eyes.

Jared was on the phone with someone, "All night. Yeah, now? Alright," He tossed the phone on Embrys couch where I was moments ago.

"Let's go," Paul said, holding the door open. We entered the rain again, and I shivered uncontrollably. The boy's walked swiftly down the dirt road, ignoring my protests to bring me home.

I gave up when they just didn't change their minds. I folded my arms around myself, and leaned against Jacob's shoulder. They turned into the forest, and entered the backyard to a beautiful small house not long after.

"Get her inside, now." Paul instructed, racing off into the house. Jacob and Jared set me down on a couch. Paul came back with two thick blankets in hand; he set them over me, and tucked them around me tightly. I rocked back and forth, missing the heat that radiated off Embry, Jacob and most likely Paul and Jared as well.

Paul sat on the opposite side of me, Embry on the other. Jared and Jacob watched as they sandwiched me, and moved so heat was surrounding me. I shivered eagerly, twitching.

"Boys? What's going—" The females voice stopped cold when I looked up at her. "Oh, my, her lips!" She raced off, returning with a mug of water, steam was pouring from the top.

"Drink this," I took the mug from her and pressed my lips together in a tight line, "I know, it doesn't looked very yummy, it's boiled water, but it'll put some heat back into your body."

I sipped it slowly, and savored the feeling of it running down my throat. I pressed the mug against my cheek, and breathed in the steam.

"If we just keep her hydrated, and warm she'll eventually return to normal colour." The female, nodded at the boys, then walked off. The four boys stared at me, watching my movements carefully.

"I'm not a science experiment," I grumbled, hating being the center of everyone's attention.

Jared snorted unattractively, "Well, this sure feels like science class, doesn't it?"

I looked away. Sarcasm was always heavy with these guys.

"Jared, Paul!" The girl shouted from a different room. Paul got up from the couch, but looked back at me, and smiled.

"Just, don't get into anymore trouble, 'Kay, kid?" I rolled my eyes, but nodded nevertheless.

The door across the hall opened, and Sam walked into the living room, eying everyone. "What's going on?"

"She was walking in the rain," Embry explained. Sam took in my hunched, quivering body.

"Who's is 'she', Emb?" Sam asked, looking at my features. He grimaced, and I knew that his gaze had landed on my 'blue' lips.

"Aliyah Martin," His face brightened, and he looked at Jacob, then Embry.

"Embry, could you please come help me with finding suitable dry clothing for Aliyah?" Embry nodded, and walked away with Sam slowly.

"What about Aliyah?"

"Jacob, you'll keep her warm," Sam ordered, a smirk etched in his features taking a look at me, then Jake again.

Jacob sat next to me on the couch, watched me for a while, then exhaled loudly. After shivering for a good amount of time, Jacob peeled the thick coverings from me, set me on his lap, wrapped an arm around my body, then put the covers over us again.

"Why were you in the rain, Aliyah?" Jake asked, his warm pools full with concern.

I sighed, hugging his large frame, "I was going to Quil's. After doing so much damage to the living room—" I thought about the broken C.D player, papers, and C.D's everywhere, "-I wanted to talk to Quil. But, he's .. uh, busy. So, I just walked around. I guess my legs brought me to Embry's."

"Why wouldn't you go home?"

"I didn't want to face Taylor after something like that," I whispered. Jacob huffed out, his warm breath spreading over my face.

He pondered for a moment, then shoved his face against my hair, "Aliyah, I'm so sorry for yelling earlier. I just.. flipped, I don't know why, because everything was fine, and I couldn't help but think the entire night that I had messed everything up between us."

I shook my head, regretting that he to think the he'd done something wrong, "Jake, that's not true. Don't beat yourself up."

"But I'm a horrible person, you flinched away from me, why don't you hate me?!" He cried.

I took his face in my hands, "Jacob Black; never, in a million years, could I hate you." His eyes met mine, and there was that homey feeling again.

With Jacob, I never had to worry. He would always be my sun; whether I had to share him or not.

"Okay, Sam said these should fit—WOAH." We both looked at Embry. His head had just looked up at us. "Am I .. intruding?"

"No, Emb." I sighed, smiling over at Jacob's annoyed expression. I took the clothing from his hands, and followed him down the hallway.

"Sam said that you could have a shower. He called your Mom; told her what had happened, and that you'd be home tomorrow." I nodded, then stepped into the bathroom. Embry closed the door, and I stripped down. The hot water poured from the faucet, and I embraced it.

After standing in there for a while, I proceeded with washing my hair and body. I stepped out, dried myself quickly with the towel, then put the clothing on.

Light grey track pants, and a plaid, button down shirt. They were the females, obviously.

I stepped out into the hallway, and paused. Instead of walking out into the area where everyone was talking, I stood there and listened. I shouldn't eavesdrop, but I couldn't help myself.

"Oh, so that's why you can't stop thinking about her," I heard Embry say.

"Imprint or not, I'd be thinking about her," I heard Jared joke.

There was a growl, then a loud smack, "Don't talk about her like that!" Jacob said angrily.

"Ooo, defensive." Jared teased.

"Shut up, Jared." Jacob growled again.

"Guys, seriously." Embry sighed. I heard several smashes and another loud growl.

"Sam, do something!" The female wailed. I leaned against the wall intently.

"Boys!" Sam's voice was hard and loud. The smashing stopped. Only heavy breathing was heard, Sam continued, "Jacob's imprint is now known amongst us. She's only down the hall; why are you guys fighting. You're only causing a scene, so, let's not scare her off, alright?"

Everyone mumbled 'Yeah,' and Jared scoffed, "Not like everyone doesn't know about their first kiss. Literally."

I walked out from behind the wall, and looked at everyone.

"That's it, YOU'RE DEAD!" Jacob lunged at Jared, both crashing to the floor. I stared in awe, watching as the fought.

Jacob never, ever intended to hurt anyone. This side of Jacob was new to me; once again. Sam's Jacob.

"Uh," I said, all eyes snapped to me.

"You've been there for a while," Paul stated.

"How'd you know?"

"One; I could see you, Two; your heartbeat would pound loudly whenever your heard a growl." He shrugged.

I felt the flush enter my cheeks, "Oh, good. Your getting colour back," Sam said, smiling at the blush on my cheeks.

"It's hard not to get a little jump start when you randomly hear growling from humans." Everyone stiffened again.

Jacob cleared his throat, "I think that I better show you to your room," Jacob took my hand.

"Oh, well. You two don't have too much fun," the female said. Jacob looked over his shoulder, blush creeping across his cheeks.

The boys laughed as we walked off down the hall. He opened a door, and led me inside. "It's small, but it's only for one night."

I sat on the bed, and tugged on Jacob's hand. He sat down beside me.

It was silent, but when Jacob looked at me, he laughed.


"Your lips are still blue," I shrugged.

"Why would you care?"

He sighed, he looked at me with care and pulled me into his arms. I remained quiet and in shock, my hot breath hitting him on his chest. His warm body keeping my body warm instead of cold. He whispered softly in my ear. "I care because I love you..." My eyes opened wide in shock, he softly caressed my cheek. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

"I-I hate to admit it, but I love you too..." A smile found its way onto his face. He softly kissed my face leading a trail to my lips.

"I'm glad." He softly whispered, then his warm lips met mine. I put all my love and passion into that one simple kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he held me tightly. We were pressed tightly together, not leaving any space between each other.

We slowly separated, and we both slowly opened our eyes.

There was total silence and he pulled me in for another kiss, "But seriously, I do love you."

I smiled widely, Then it faltered slightly, "Is.. that what imprint means?"

Jacob sighed, "You know, you really shouldn't listen in on things like that,"

"I couldn't help myself."

"I suppose, I could tell you now."


"Aliyah, I'm.."


"I'm.. a-"

"Jacob, we need to go!" Sam pounded on the door, and I sighed.

"I'll be back later," Jacob reassured me, then kissed me once. He left me, sitting on the bed.

"Jacob Black.. loves me."

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