Que Quowle.

Enter Aliyah Martin's life as she stands beside her best friend—now current boyfriend—as he struggles to maintain his anger and protect the people of La Push, while dealing with Aliyah's problems, and Bella Swan along the way.


5. 05

I shut the door quietly behind me. The lights were off, well, the few that I could see anyways. Taylor's were on. I walked up the stairs, and smiled when I saw mom asleep in her rocking chair.

I leaned over and kissed her forehead quickly, "Night Ma; I love you."

I went to the bathroom, showered quickly then dressed in a long shirt and track pants. Sure enough, I'd forgotten to close my window.

After settling under the thick comforter, thoughts ran throughout my head.

What did Jacob mean, 'Passed on through generation.' Did he mean, that his children would suffer the same thing, and change in all the same way's Jacob did? Who would want to put their kid's through that? Or, did it simply mean, that it would take a few hundred years before this happened again?

Generation could have two meanings; I was just hoping that it meant hundreds of years from today.

I shut my eyes and nestled into the feathery pillows. Images of Jacob flooded my vision.

He's changed so much; he's no longer the fifteen year old boy I fell for; he's not thin, he's huge! He's gained an unhealthy amount of muscle in just a short week, his personality changed.

Jacob Black, the one I knew so well never would have kissed me like that.

This one's Sam's Jacob, and he was something I didn't like, at all.


There was a few hard knocks on my door, and I turned around. Another few knocks, and I pulled the pillow over my head.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

"Jesus! Go AWAY!"

"I'm sorry but I'm not Jesus. Although I've been told I do resemble him.." A rough voice said on the other side. I glared at the door, stood slowly, and ran a tired hand through my hair.

I opened in quickly, then stepping outside, blocking view of my room. "What are you doing here?" I hissed at the tall, lean figure.

"Visiting, of course." Embry chuckled playing with my hair. I swatted his hands away, and raised an eyebrow.

"Why would you be here though? You never visit me."

"Oh, that's right. Jake's downstairs, too." He sneered at my shocked expression, "He's talking with Taylor."

"Taylor's up?" I asked, mainly to myself.

"I'd be afraid if he wasn't."

Afraid? "Why?"

"It's 2 o'clock in the afternoon, Aliyah." Embry stated.

"OHMYGOD!" I looked back at my alarm clock and nearly shrieked. I pushed Embry out of my way and ran to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and hair.

I pulled my track pants down, letting them ruffle at my ankles, and slipped a plain grey shirt on. Downstairs, voices fluttered up, filling me with fear.

Then Jacob laughed, and butterflies erupted in my stomach. How was I supposed to react after yesterday? I mean, I've never kissed anyone, except for Jacob, and I never really came off as a 'slut.'

I walked into the kitchen, looking down at the wooden floors. I grabbed a bowl poured myself some Fruit Loops. Taylor was sitting in the chair by the archway, Jacob was leaning against it. I avoided eye contact, which was difficult because Jacob was staring at me.

"Morning sleepyhead." Taylor chuckled, looking at my angry expression.

I slammed the bowl down on the counter. "It's 2 in the afternoon, why didn't you wake me?"

"I tried. You were cold out." I rolled my eyes at his term. I was just tired after being out last night. "Speaking of which, when did you get home last night anyways?"

I shifted uncomfortably, "Why does it really matter?"


"Taylor, I know what I'm doing, okay? I'm sixteen now, just, leave it alone."

He sighed then stood, leaving me sitting alone at the kitchen table. Jacob moved from his place, and sat next to me.

"Good morning." He said quietly.

"Morning." I mumbled, staring at the three Fruit Loops in the bowl. I played around with them a little, before scooping them up, and eating them.

"How.. are you?" I looked over at Jacob's easy expression. "After yesterday I mean."

"I don't know Jake," I said honestly, "I mean—it was the first time I've ever experienced something like that. I-I," I stuttered.

"Just afraid?"

I looked at him, and nodded.

"Aliyah, it's okay. It's not like it happens everyday to just anyone."

I blinked for a second, then looked at him, "What?"

"What do you mean, 'What?'"

"What are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about you seeing that dead guy in the forest yesterday," He looked at me, then narrowed his eyebrows, "What are you talking about?"

I flushed, "N-Nothing." I scrambled up from my place, and put the dishes in the sink, turned the water on, and cleaned what was in the sink just so I could avoid answering his penetrating stare.

After washing the bowl five times, Jacob stood, took the bowl from my hands, turned the water off, then took my hands in his large ones, "Aliyah, what were you talking about?" I stared at him for a while, "Tell me, please."

I shook my head, "It's stupid anyways."

"Don't say that,"

"I was just.. I don't know, Jake. I thought you were talking about last night, when we.."

Jake's grip on my hands tightened, then he let go, and wrapped his arms around my shoulders. "Aliyah, I don't regret last night at all."

"I know, but.. I just didn't know what to do, after something like that. And then you said something about 'generations', and I was just thinking about things."

He rubbed my arms, then looked at me, "I promise to explain everything."

"Good, because I just need to kno-"

"Some day."

I looked at him, and cocked an eyebrow, "Wait, what?"

He swallowed hard, then shifted from foot to foot, "I want to attend a Council Meeting, first."

"But, that's for the Elders,"

"Yes, my father is an Elder, as is your grandmother. They will both be there."

I hopped onto the counter, watching him with careful eyes, "Who else?"

He exhaled loudly, then ticked off names, "Sue Clearwater, Old Quil, Embry, Paul, Jared, Emily Young, Sam Uley, myself, and hopefully you." He twiddled his fingers.

It was silent, except for the 'gun shots' being projected from the T.V in the living room, "DUDE, I SO BEAT YOU!" Embry exclaimed.

I laughed once, very quietly, "I suppose I could come," I said slowly. Jacob smiled, ruffled my hair excitedly.

"But, what exactly do you do at a Coucil Meeting?"

He laughed, "Oh, right." He cleared his throat, "First, there's the food, we all get together, and eat. A lot. Then, the Eldest Tribal Members tell the legends, and we-"

He stopped suddenly. I touched his arm, "You what?"

He looked down, "I'll explain the rest after you actually understand everything better."

I sighed, and leaned back, resting my head against the cupboard.

"Don't do that," Jacob growled, leaning against the counter, his back facing me.


"Get angry because I can't explain this by myself," Jacob said roughly. I jumped off the counter, and stood in front of him.

I took his face in my hands, and shook my own head, "Jake, I'm not angry. I'm just confused, and even if I don't have the patience, I'll wait till your ready. Okay?"

He cracked a small smile, and placed his hands on my waist, "Thank you." He whispered, bringing his lips down to my cheek.

I watched as he debated with himself before he slowly but surely pressed his lips onto me. It was short, but sweet, and simple and that's all that mattered.

Maybe there could be some of my old sun left inside of him.

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