You can call me bad boy

Ellie enters a new school in London . Zayn malik the most popular guy but known as bad boy ,will try to make her fall for him like he do with all the other girls. But will Ellie be like the other girls or will she be the only girl that zayn couldn't have? .Read to find out :)


2. Zayn malik ,the bad boy


Ellie’s pov:

This school is huge it is definetly bigger than my old school back in America I just wish I could go back there I really miss everybody there .i walked throught the hall and every body was staring at me and I can hear them saying “who is that girl?” “Ugh she is so ugly “.what a good start for the day I thought, but I ignored them all and   walked to the office of the headmistress. I knocked at the door

“come in “

I entered and found an old lady sitting behind a huge desk talking to a girl in my age .she looked at me and smiled

“you must be ellie ,the new girl”

“yes I am”

“well welcome to our school ,I am sure you’ll like it here”

“thank you “

“okay so here is your schedule “she said and handed me a piece of paper she looked at the girl and told her

”Samantha ,can you please take ellie to her first class?”

“of course”replied Samantha.

“good luck “smiled the old lady .me and Samantha walked out of the room and walked in the hallway
“what do you have  the first hour?”asked  Samantha

“mm maths”I said while checking my schedule

“me 2 we can go to class together “smiled samantha

We walked a bit then stopped in front of the door .we opened the door and the teacher was talking but when we walked in she stopped talking and looked at us

“you must be ellie the new kid, come on in”said the teacher

I walked in the class shyly I could feel eyes cheking me out from the head to the feet . i found an empty table in the back of the class so I sat there and focused on the lesson but suddenly the door of the class opened and enter a bunch of boys . I could see all the girls adjusting their make-up and hair , yeah the boys were really hot but my eyes focused at just one guy standing in the middle I guess he is the leader of the group .he had black hair and brown eyes .he was tall and extremely hot

“guess you haven’t change miss malik ,still late for class and I see you have bench of new students with you ,come on and sit “said the teacher.

Each boy chose a place to sit ,next to girls of course ,but the guy with black hair came and sat on the table next to mine

“hello beautiful “he winked at me

Were he talking to me?i can feel girl giving me jealous looks and hate looks.

“mm hello “I replied

“I’m zayn but you can call me bad boy”he said

“hi I’m ellie”I smiled

The rest of the hour passed by , I walked out of the class and  walked to the cafeteria ,samantha waved at me to come sit next to her so I did .we talked a little bit but then came zayn surrounded by girls he smiled at me then sat on a table next to ours.

“don’t fall for it “whispered samantha in my ear

“what do you mean? “I asked confused

“well this is zayn malik ,he always flirt with the new girls then he make them like him ,but few days later he get bored of them and move to another girl, take my advice as a new girl don’t fall for him he is known for the bad boy”

I felt a little bit sad about what Samantha just said but she Is probably right I should stay away from him .he is a bad boy  after all .

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