You can call me bad boy

Ellie enters a new school in London . Zayn malik the most popular guy but known as bad boy ,will try to make her fall for him like he do with all the other girls. But will Ellie be like the other girls or will she be the only girl that zayn couldn't have? .Read to find out :)


1. Ellie


Chapter 1 :

Ellie’s pov:

“ellie , ellie wake up”my mum said while shaking me to wake up .

“mhm ,just 5 more minutes mum”

“no ellie ,you’ll be late for school”

“fine “I groaned and got out of the bed straight to the bathroom to start my day with a cold bath .today is my first day at my new school .we moved to England last week because my mum got a new job here so I had to leave my house,friends ,boyfriend and everything I had back in America to come her . and the worst part is that I have to go to a new school .i don’t know anybody there so i am pretty sure it is going to be a bad year. I got out of the bathroom ,and opened my closet .. mm what should I wear ?i finally decided to go with  black leggings ,a pink polo and I matched a black boots with it .then I dried my hair and curled my pink highlights. To finish the look  I put on a little bit of make-ups and I was finally ready.i went downstairs and found my mom and my big brother mike eating pancakes.

“hey ! where are my pancakes?”I asked looking at the empty plate

“make your own”said mike with his mouth full of food then he burped right in my face

“eww !! mum tell mike to stop acting like animals”

“oh sorry did I just disgusted miss princess? ”said mike

“stop calling me like that!”I said

“stop acting like little kids “yelled my mum

“here Elli take some money and buy some breakfast at school “she added

“thanks mum well I better be going bye  “I kissed her cheeks and got out of the house . I was going to walk to school since it was near the house.i walked few metres then stopped in front of a huge building .here it is ,my new school and my new year has started ,new teachers,new people new lots of thing.i was afraid that people here wouldn’t like me .i wanted to go back home so bad but I couldn’t so I finally took courage and entered the  building.

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