You picked him over me?!!

Brooklyn Styles is going into 10th grade with only 2 friends. But Emma, one of her friends, gets kidnapped. Will this bring louis and brooklyn together? When everything gets even worse, her brother harry didnt come back from soccer practice and She cant find Louis. Who will help her now when her moms gone and no ones there anymore to help?


3. Whats going on here?

I was at home sitting on the couch waiting for Harry to come out and say something about Emma. Something tht was gonna make me so angry i would start flipping out and he would just stand there and laughed while i failed to hurt him.


By the time her came out, he had a giant smile on his face and was talking on the phone. Wht i heard him say was "Come over babe its no big deal"  I also heard the mysterious voice on the phone say "but wht about Brooklyn shee will be pretty mad". The voice sounded familiar....It had to be.......EMMA.


At exactly 5:00, there was a knock on the door. I opened it expecting it to be Emma the betrayer but there was no one there. I looked down and saw a note on the ground. I picked it up and whisper read it.


Dear  Brookyn,

You better stop messing with harry or else.

 I Had NO idea wht it was talking about harry always messes with me I Kept reading


I dont want anything to happen to you but it have come to tht. You might not know wht i am talking about so let me give you a flashback.

9th grade: Blackmailed Harry so tht he would take you to were you wanted to go. Later tht year you black mailed him saying tht you will make him and his girlfriend break up. He had no idea who it was but i know it was you. I got every  point of evidence you need to prove it. Either you tell Harry tht you made him and his girlfriend break up or ELSE.......


I couldnt believe wht i just read. The person at the door must have known i was gonna answer it. I did not tell anyone how i black mailed harry last year and the person who wrote tht sounded pretty serious. 


The second time the door Got knocked on, i yelled HARRY THE DOOR. He came downstairs in a rush. I was Behind him hoping that Emma would see me and run away knowing that she shouldnt date my brother. Harry took a deep Breathe in and opened the door being suprised by his ex Katherin. Katherin wht do you want? Oh i have something for you she said looking at me like a lost puppy. 


She Pulled put a piece of paper tht had the name HARRY on it in big black letters. Its From Emma. She wanted me to give this to you. She was acting like something was going on....But not with her. It was weird. How come she came the same day i got that letter. Harry grabbed the note forcefully out of her hands and looked at her waiting to leave. But she wouldnt, she stayed there motioning her hands to the letter. "Well read it silly". He opened it up and read 

Dear Harry, 

So sorry but i cant make it today my mom says we have to eat dinner together since were having a guest so we can hang out  In a while. I just want to tell you tht i am leaving for a trip tomorrow so i wont be at school. If you could please tell Brooklyn and Jessica to. And tell them i will miss them!


Harry started walking away re reading the note over and over again. I think he was having the same thought as me. That letter does not sound like her at all! I closed the door not wanting to look at Katherin any more with her lost puppy dog eyes.

It sounded mysterious. Emma does not write letters, and she would tell people before she was leaving. She never mentioned anything about a trip and her mom never makes her stay for dinner because she always works till 9:00 pm. The bad part is in the letter it didnt say anything about coming back. I saw her mom get home at 6 because she got out early today. I had to go talk to her about this. 


When i got there i asked her hey are you having a family dinner tonight? She looked at me like i was asking the most bizarre question in the world. She said she was just planning to go to mcdonalds and then i asked so are you going anywhere tomorrow? She said the only place she was going was to work. I didnt tell her about the note but i knew that Emma was missing. I ran home and told harry everything. Even how i blackmailed him. I started crying saying "WE NEED TO FIND EMMA" I know i said i hated him but when i was said he would always give me a hug and make me feel better.


Katherin was looking really guilty. I wish i would of had her stay. I was worried about the note i got so i told harry about tht to. His Hug really helped me calm down. Harry liked emma to so he was freaking out to. NOW was the time to start caring about Emma!

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