You picked him over me?!!

Brooklyn Styles is going into 10th grade with only 2 friends. But Emma, one of her friends, gets kidnapped. Will this bring louis and brooklyn together? When everything gets even worse, her brother harry didnt come back from soccer practice and She cant find Louis. Who will help her now when her moms gone and no ones there anymore to help?


4. The secrets safe

I was freaking out by now and Harry had to go soccer Practice tht ment i was gonna be alone. But i was so scared there was a kidnapper in the area tht when harry left i called Louis and told him to come over. He lived closes so i just called him. When he got here i hugged him and he just hugged me back. Whats wrong mate he said with a confused British voice.


You cant tell Liam Or Niall Or Zayn i said as tears started running down my face. Oh i wont whtever it is im guessing Harry already knows then? Yes he does we think and we know tht Em has been kidnapped. I was so sad tht i ran in my room and slammed my door shut running away from his warming hugs like Harrys. He ran upstairs and came in the room. We will find her.


He sat next to me and moved my hands into his. I never noticed but Louis was the one who was always nicest to me.  I looked in his eyes which were looking right through me. I couldnt hold it in anymore. I told him everything i told Harry. Even about the notes and Last year. I told him how ashamed i was and that i would take it back any day. I believe you!


He soon starting leaning in. All i was thinking was OMG OMG louis is about to kiss me and he is MY BROTHERS FRIEND. I just stayed were i was and in a few seconds it turned into a kiss. He let go and said SHH as if i couldnt tell anyone. Your secrets Safe with me.


I forgot all about telling Jessica. I couldnt tell her because she wouldnt care and i know tht because the fight they got in. I layed with Louis on the bed just thinking with tears streaming down my face. Louis Wipped them off with his sleeve and said "we will find her". I was Stuck in the moment when i heard the door downstairs open. HARRY IS THT YOU! I yell.


Louis woke up from his deep sleep. No one answered and i got really scared. Stay here and Lock the Door dont open to anything he said. But What about you? I will be fine just please i want you safe.

Louis P.O.V.

I was walking downstairs and saw the frontdoor wide open. I wasnt alone. I never admitted it but i had a crush on Brooklyn and would do anything for her. I was looking out the door when someone hit me in the head with something. I didnt see who it was but all i heard was a BANG! as i hit the Floor. My nose started bleeding and before i fainted i saw the blood in front of me on the cement because i landed outside since the door was open. All i saw was a couple drops of blood when i dosed off.

End of P.O.V


aAUTHORS NOTE: Sorry it  was a little off topic but its a classic luv story to!

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