You picked him over me?!!

Brooklyn Styles is going into 10th grade with only 2 friends. But Emma, one of her friends, gets kidnapped. Will this bring louis and brooklyn together? When everything gets even worse, her brother harry didnt come back from soccer practice and She cant find Louis. Who will help her now when her moms gone and no ones there anymore to help?


14. I dont like Louis

By now we were all headed home. Louis would be back in about a week or two. We didnt mention anything to Liam but when we got home i know i would have to. Harry was still pretty sad but happy Louis would be okay.


Harry i know you like Louis so......NO I DONT he shouted while driving. I dont like him he is my bestfriend and you can think all that Larry stuff is true but its not!! I dont like Louis and right now im not likin you.


I was so sad now. He made it pretty clear he did not like Louis like that. I shouldnt of even said anything because he wasnt mad at me before. I leaned on Nialls shoulder and he put his head on mine.


Calm down Harry the worlds not gonna end Niall said patting Harry on the shoulder. Harry moved his shoulder so Niall would move his hand. Liam whispered in my ear "Whats wrong with Harry"?.


I whispered back and told him "You know so dont play it dumb". He was acting like he had no idea what i was talking about. Harry was in a bad mood because stupid katherins alive and Liam is taking her side.


I was gonne spy on them when he went to see her again. How could he. Things are just falling into bad places. Liam is with katherin, Harry now is mad at me, and Harry does not even like Louis. My life was turning upside down.


And so was Harrys.  I turned to Niall when my phone vibrated. I looked at it and it was a blocked number. It said -Happy now? Well im still tormenting you so dont even think about going to sleep without worrying.


I will be watching everystep and everymove you make. If you do something i dont like well just try to do nothing i dont like-. I was so scared. I showed it to Niall and he said he could trace who sent it at home.


I went to all my blocked numbers but none of them matched the number i just got a text from.


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