You picked him over me?!!

Brooklyn Styles is going into 10th grade with only 2 friends. But Emma, one of her friends, gets kidnapped. Will this bring louis and brooklyn together? When everything gets even worse, her brother harry didnt come back from soccer practice and She cant find Louis. Who will help her now when her moms gone and no ones there anymore to help?


2. I can't believe you would do that to me

At lunch time i saw Jessica sitting by Emma. Jessica looked like she was arguing with Emma. As soon as i put my tray on the table they both looked at me. What i said with a straight face. Oh nothing except the fact that your bestest friend that was supposed to last forever is now gonna ask your brother out.


I have not even made up my mind yet so dont make me sound like the bad guy here. I know you like him Em but can you at least choose one of his friends and not my brother i said kinda harsh. No i cant Harry is just totaly amazing. She drooled as she thought about him. You would not do tht to Brooklyn, and if you did i would be really mad at you said Jessica with anger in her dark brown eyes.


You know it would bother her but your still thinking about it. I stopped Jess right there. The only reasons i dont like this is because you will come to my house for him and barely hang with me and you could do way better. I hate to break it to you but he is a complete idiot. I said with a pretty convincing face. Harry must of been on his way to his table and heard me.


He came up to me and said "talking about yourself again?" That wasnt even the worst part. The worst part is when i saw Em trying to cover up her laugh. How could she do that. I couldnt stay there or tears would start rolling down my face. I got up, threw my trash away, and walked to another table. Jessica followed me locking her angry eyes on Emma.


Harry sat down next to her and starting talking. All of the sudden she starting laughing. I knew they were talking about me. I thought Emma was my Friend. Now i bet she really wants to ask Harry out. As i was spying on them, all my brothers best friends came and sat down next to Harry and Emma. I just wanted to pretend i didnt know Emma ever because recently she has been acting like a stranger.


*** Authors Note: I hope you guys are enjoying this book. I would love to see your comments and i will reply to all your comments. I really Hope you like it!! It took awhile to write the second chapter! Sorry if its short! <3


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