You picked him over me?!!

Brooklyn Styles is going into 10th grade with only 2 friends. But Emma, one of her friends, gets kidnapped. Will this bring louis and brooklyn together? When everything gets even worse, her brother harry didnt come back from soccer practice and She cant find Louis. Who will help her now when her moms gone and no ones there anymore to help?


6. Explaining

KNOCK KNOCK. I was afraid to open it so i looked through the peep whole and saw it was Zayn. One of my brothers friends. I opened the door and said "so weres Harry" He looks and me and explains everything and in his defense, it made perfect sense, He just needed some space since his girlfriend got kidnapped. Thats wht Zayn said. I punched him in th arm for tht since he could just call her Emma but no it had to be his girlfriend. SO wht did he do i asked being unpatient.


"OH ok he drove the truck to London for a drive he will be back but he didnt mean for you to be alone. Wasnt Louis supposed to be here in Harrys Place?" he said just like llouis talks when he was confused. "Oh he was here he just had to do something for his mom i said trying to cover up wht really happened, I covered up the 3 blood spots on the porch with my foot untill Zayn grabbed my Hand and was dragging me to his house so i was safe.


When he looked back, he saw the blood."Whts tht? Oh its Pop i spilled. No im pretty sure thts blood he said taking a closer look. "i fell i totally forgot i was coming outside and i fell and started bleeding but its all good now i said hoping he would believe me. "Ok lets go i say rushing him down my drive way as we begin walking down the road. I knew i would be safe at his house. But my house wasnt safe and i really wanted to call the police, the only people tht knew were Louis, Harry, Zayn, and me. But now tht i think about it how does Zayn know.


"Zayn who told you about EM" Oh harry he called and explained himself and wht happened so i know but i wont tell anyone im not a snitch but i do think we should bring this to the police" he says as we walk slowly, It will become everyone elses buisness then. I think Katherin was a part of this i say. "Katherin? She moved" No she didnt she stopped by here today and gave us a note saying it was from EM tht said she was going on vacation and tht she had to eat dinner with her family but when i went to her moms she knew about nothing i was talking about," i said.


"Katherin? Wait she always said she wanted to get revenge on him after they broke up and she took one of the things tht mattered most to him. OH WAIT wheres tht note?" At my house why?" i say. Because if tht person gets in your house there gonna take the clue, the note to you and to harry." he said, WE ran back to my house as fast as we could. We got in the house and looked at the last place the note was.....But it was to late....Both the notes were gone.


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