You picked him over me?!!

Brooklyn Styles is going into 10th grade with only 2 friends. But Emma, one of her friends, gets kidnapped. Will this bring louis and brooklyn together? When everything gets even worse, her brother harry didnt come back from soccer practice and She cant find Louis. Who will help her now when her moms gone and no ones there anymore to help?


13. Bad news

When me and Niall got to the hospital we were hand in hand. Liam got a look at us and questioned us. WOAH whats going on here? Well me and Niall are together now i said as i smiled and held his hand tighter.


We exchanged smiles as we sat down. Hows Haz i asked turning my smile into a sad face. Not taking it to well Zayn said with his head down. Niall lets go check on Lou and Haz he might be a little unstable. Me and Niall walked in there to see Harry kneeling down beside Lou with his Head in his Hands.


I Touched Harrys back as he turned around with his eyes red as can be. I saw blood on his arm and a big scratch. That was not there when he left.  Hazza when did this get there i said as i grabbed his wrist and turned it my way so i could see it. It was oozing blood and i could tell that was no normal scratch.


Did you cut yourself i said kinda load but onyl Niall and Harry could hear me. I opparently  was hurting him from how i clenched his wrist. Ahh he screamed as i let go as fast as i could. I didnt cut myself i, i....i........ got in a crash on the way here and had to walk. It actully made sense.


But his arm was pretty hurt and whenever he stood up he was limping. Harry i think you should get it checked out mentioned Niall as he starred at it. Nah im fine Louis is more impostant he said facing him. I wonder when he will be up. I bet he will be up very very soon i said.


But i was thinking he woudlnt even make it up. I know it was rude but he got shot in the side. After 20 minutes of  just sitting there, we all heard a deep breathe. We looked around to see Lou with his eyes open but he was in shock. He was breathing so heavily. Harry grabbed his hand and he calmed down and smiled.


We all were lifted with Joy. Zayn came in happier then ever. But where was Liam? I went out of the room to look for him but was surprised to see him standing in a room talking to someone. I had to eavsdrop.


I was so shocked by what i heard, Liam said Katherin i did everything you want but now where did that get us? Next i heard Katherin say "just meet me in my room tomorrow at 7 pm ALONE.! What was Liam thinking and what was he doing?


i walked in lou's room with a worried face. Everyone looked at me. KATHERINS ALIVE LIAM IS MEETING HER IN HER ROOM AT 7 PM TOMORROW AND SHE IS IN THE ROOM 3 DOWN FROM THIS! Everyone looked at me scared and worried and shocked just like i was when i heard liam talking to Katherin. How could he do something like this.


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