zayn malik fanfiction

Guys this is my first Fanfiction sooo please dont be mean if you dont like the story..! this story is about a 19 years old girl who lives with her boyfriend...*read the story*


17. telling the boys

Zayns P.O.V

her mum was so relaxed, i mean she wasnt mad at her..!
"Zayn..she's not mad at me !!" crystal said surprised. "i know baby i know, lets tell the boys..ah and my mum was a bit mad at me because of that and she said i should marry you before the baby comes." shit zayn ! noooooo it should be a surprise. f*ck. "oh my..but we met only 3 months ago isnt it to fast?" she said laughing "hmm it feels like i know you for yeeeeears" i said. "ow babe" she said laughing. We walked out of the flat and went to the next Harry's. We knocked and louis opened it. "Heeey Guuuuys" "heya" we both say. "wow crystal.." he made a small bow and looked at her tummy " became..FAT !" "i'm not fat." she said like a baby "huh? what is it then..a baby?" niall said jokingly. "yes" i and crystal said. "theres a baby in her tummy" "theres a waht in the tummy??" liam and harry said. "baby" i replied. "wooohoo whos the father?" louis asked. "SHAH RUKH KHAN " Crystal said proudly and laughing. The lads gave us confused looks. "I'm the father guys !!!!" i said. they just stood there.speechless. "WE'RE GOING TO BE UNCLEEEES" harry yelled. they all danced around like crazy. "CONGRAAATS" they all yelled.they gave us hugs and kisses.
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