zayn malik fanfiction

Guys this is my first Fanfiction sooo please dont be mean if you dont like the story..! this story is about a 19 years old girl who lives with her boyfriend...*read the story*


23. preparations 3

Crystals P.O.V

The girls and i, we both talked tooo much. It was dark outside. no wonder. it's 11 .p.m. I was scared to sleep alone so the girls slept in my room. as i woke up i saw zayn lying beside me and dni and el werent there anymore. i heard the boys yelling. i stood up to take a look. "STAAAHP YELLING WHAT IF SHE WAKES UP." liam shouted. oooh liam the boys already woke me up. "I.JUST.NEED.CARRRRROOOOOOOTS" louis yelled. "LOUIS YOU TOLD EVERYONE THAT YOU DONT LIKE CARROTS ANYMORE AND NOW?!?" harry shouted "CARROOOTTS" ugh louis hahaha. "I'm sooooo f*cking HUNGRYYYY" niall yelled "uuuugh guys shut the f*ck up" danielle shouted annoyed "ssssshh guys sssh i hear steps" eleanor whispered.They were all quiet like they were dead. I came into the living room..oh shit what a mess. "h-heeeey crystaaaal" harry said nervously. "eeer hey" i said. he hugged me and turned around so i couldnt see the rest of the boys, el and dani. i think harry gave them a sign. "eeer i'm going to buy food" niall said like he was very nervous.."eeer i'm g-goin' with you" liam said "dont go without me" danielle yelled. "dani dont leave me alone" eleanor shouted so there was only louis standing alone.."i'd better go with..them" . hm. "what happend here harry?" "we eer we eere just s-searching f-for my phone" i know he was lying..he is my best friend i mean like my brother. "you're lying" i said cheekily "why should i? phh" "because your phine is in your pocke-" he interrupted me "..aaah there it is..silly me" he laughed. "very funny,c'mon lets clean up" "NO! i will clean up with zayn you dont need to you are pregnant." "aaaw okay..i'll wake him up" i walked upstairs and woke up zayn. "WAKE UP SLEEPYHEEAD" i shouted. woke up and kissed me "zayn please help harry with cleaning up he living room.i'm going to take a shower" "okay babe" he went down and helped him. i did a quick shower and dressed up
as i went down the livingroom was soooooooo clean it was like..nothing happend. " WOW guys, you're eer fast " "we know" they said. we 3 went in the kitchen.
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