zayn malik fanfiction

Guys this is my first Fanfiction sooo please dont be mean if you dont like the story..! this story is about a 19 years old girl who lives with her boyfriend...*read the story*


9. Party

Zayns P.O.V

I introduced Crystal to the boys and girls. i hope she likes them. "wanna go to the club?" i asked the boys and girls. all agreed except Crystal she disagreed. "I'm not the type of a girl who goes clubbing or partying." "come on it will be fun" we all said "naaah" she moaned. "c'mon babe it wil be have to enjoy.." "hmm..okay" "dont drink to much zayn" everyone said laughing. Crystak looked at me shocked and gave me the death glare. i looked at the ground and said " hehe okay" we all hopped into the car. Thank god it was a big van otherwise we wouldnt fit in. 10 minutes later we reached the club. Crystal looked nervous. I put my arms around her shoulder and kissed her on the lips. "dont be nervous love" "i'll try" we entered the club i went to the bar and oeered drinks. I was drunk. really drunk. Crystal didnt even took a look at the liquid. she stopped me every second. "Zayn stop" her worried but sweet voice said but i drank and drank. She got mad and got out of the club. A blonde girl came to me " hey there hottie i'm perrie. wanna dance?" she asked . i didnt say anything but she took my hand and led me to the dance floor. she put one arm around my neck and the other was holding my hand wand she was putting it on her waist. Eleanor and danielle gave me a glare. They got really close just in 2 hours.
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