zayn malik fanfiction

Guys this is my first Fanfiction sooo please dont be mean if you dont like the story..! this story is about a 19 years old girl who lives with her boyfriend...*read the story*


8. meeting the boys and girls

Crystals P.O.V

Zayn told me he loves me. aaaah . i love him too. it was so cute how he said that i was speechless."Crystal" Zayn yelled. "Whaaat" i yelled back. I run towards me and said " Harry and the lads are here now. wanna go and meet them?" "sure" "okay get ready" "i dont have to" i said. "Lets go baby" when he said 'baby' i melted. uuugh. We walked to the next door and knocked. I heard loud music. A tall guy with brown curls opened the door. It's harry...i guess. There were 3 other boys, there was a blonde guy and two brown haired one was sitting with his girlfriend i think..she had beautiful locks and had tanned skin the other guy was sitting wifth his girlfriend in the bed dhe was beautiful. I think these are the boys, zayn was talking about. Zayn introduced me. " Harry, Crystal . Crystal, Harry" we shook hands.

"I'm niall" "Crystal, nice to meet you"
"I'm louis" "Crystal"
"I'm harry" "Crystal" i knew it. harry.
"I'm liam" "Crystal"
"I'm eleanor, louis' girlfriend." "I'm crystal..zayns girlfriend" i kneeeew it.
"I'm danielle, liams girlfriend" " Crystal .Zayns girlfriend"

they all seemed nice.
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