zayn malik fanfiction

Guys this is my first Fanfiction sooo please dont be mean if you dont like the story..! this story is about a 19 years old girl who lives with her boyfriend...*read the story*


13. Lauren is not coming

Crystals P.O.V

I forgave Zayn. I mean you couldnt be mad at him. I called my mother.

"Hey Mum"

"Hey Babe"

"How are you Mum"


"good. how is your business trip"

"Good good."

"mhm i miss you mum "

" i miss you too love, i lauren here?"

"nope..she said she'll come after 2 days but she didnt came.."

"sorry love but shes not coming"


"her grandma is not feeling good. so she has to take care of her."


"sorry, that you must be alone"

" no its fine i have"

"oh good..eer i have to go..bye hun"

I hung up. Zayn was already asleep in my bed. oh man. i think i have to sleep on the sofa..! i stood up and walked towards the sofa. I didnt saw the small table so i stumbled and fell. "ouch" i whisper yelled. I think zayn heard it..he ran to me "oh my god okay?" "y-yeah i'm fine..go back to sleep zayn." "arent you sleeping in the bed..?" he said whilst scratching his neck and biting his lip. "w-with y-you?" "eeer yeah, come on babe dont be scared." "okay" i said and we walked to the bed. We cuddled . aaw. I couldnt sleep.."zayn?" thank god he wasnt asleep "huh?" "i cant sleep" i moaned . "i cant sleep aswell" zayn said giggling. we were lying in the bed staring at each other. Zayn leaned in and kissed me passionately he slowly scrabbled on top of me without breaking the kiss. He started kissing my neck. and then he hit my spot..i moaned. I could feel his smile between the wet kisses. He grabbed my T shirt and pulled it over and threw it on the ground. I "accidently" pulled down his boxers and his shirt. then he pulled down my pyjama he undid my bra and threw iton the ground he pulled off my panties so we both were naked. he kissed me again..and this time like crazy "do you feel that crystal" "huh" "look ... i want you so badly crystal" oh my god he looked into my eyes.."you ready?" i nodded. he has done his crotch in me. i moaned. at first he did it slow bit then he did it faster i moaned again and again " say my name baby c'mon say it" "ZAAAAAYN" I moaned. the pain grew but i enjoyed it. 10 minutes later he pulled his crotch out of me. and we both fell asleep..cuddling.
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