zayn malik fanfiction

Guys this is my first Fanfiction sooo please dont be mean if you dont like the story..! this story is about a 19 years old girl who lives with her boyfriend...*read the story*


7. i love you

Zayns P.O.V:

"Thank you Zayn" Crystal said. "What? why?" "Thank you for helping me" "helping?" i asked confused. "buying food?!?!" "oh pleasure" i said smiling. "sooo zayn.." "yep " i said popping the 'p' "eeer..i .. i mean eer you eer asked me out and.." "and?" "are we a-" "yes we are" i said interrupting her. I was sitting on the sofa watching TV and Crystal was cleaning a bit. I stood up and walked towards to crystal. We stared at each other, i grabbed her waist and pulled her closer to me, so our bodys touched. She was short so she stood on her toes. Our faces were just 2 inches away. I leaned in and her soft lips touched mine it was perfect. I think that was our i mean my longest kiss until she pulled away. "Zayn?" "yes" " i-i .." "what" "nothing" she giggled. Ugh her giggle ..just wow ! "eeer Crystal?" "yes" "i know we only met but" "but?" "i - i love you so much, i dont want to loose you i want that you'll be mine forever" i said really fast. i hope she understood or not. omg. she gasped. "i - i l - love you t-too " YES ZAYN SHE LOVES YOU "you have twitter?" ugh zayn its your girlfriend..since yesterday or was it 2 days ago..ugh forget it zayn you still dont have her number c'mon ask her "can i have your nu-" "yes i have twitter" she interrupted me. She gave me her name and i gave her mine. I followed her. we took a picture and published it on twitter. now everybody knows 'bout me and crystal.
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