zayn malik fanfiction

Guys this is my first Fanfiction sooo please dont be mean if you dont like the story..! this story is about a 19 years old girl who lives with her boyfriend...*read the story*


26. Baby sana is out

As i said my water broke. Zayn and harry just stood there and suddenly harry shouted "BABY SANAIS COOOOOOMING I'M GOING TO BE A UNCLE SOOOON WOOOOHOOO" and danced around like an idiot. uugh help me . " Excuse me.." zayn said. thank you zayn now bring me to the car "her water just broke and you? you are shouting that you are going to be a uncle?! I AM.GOING TO BE A FATHER !!" he yelled. uuugh zayn! really? both danced around. the pain grew. "GUUUUUUUYS" i screamed and gave them an angry look. " oh sorry" they took my hands and led me to the car. Harry drove and i and zayn were in the back seat. Harry was driving toooo fast. and then
oh no. POLICE. they stopped us. harry forgot his license at home. " you are driving to fast, give me your license" the officer said. " l-loom officer my best f- i mean my sister is p-" aaaw. he said my sister. " stop lying and give me your license" "HELLOO? MY WIFES PREG-" "THATS SUCH A BAD EXCUSE" the officer said. "FOR GODS SAKE MY WATER JUST BROKE!!!!!" i yelled. "oh sorry" the officer said and we drove to the nearest hospital. "HELLO ?.NURSE? DOCTOR ? HELP!! MY BEST F- MY SISTERS WATER BROKE..COME ON" harry yelled "Hello Doctor" zayn said as the doctor camw running. He brought me into a room with 3 nurses the laid me down on the bed. " okay..mrs. malik you'll breath in and out 'til i say stop. when say it you'll take a deep breath in and then eer then just push. do you want one of those boys here?" "okay. and yes i want both of them here" harry and zayn came in. zayn took my left hand and harry my right. "you can do it baby" zayn said and kissed my forhead then i turned my face to harry he smiled and did one nod.

Zayns P.O.V

"breath in and out... . . . . STOP! Puuuuuuuush" the nurse said. Crystal obeyed. oh my goodness ot hurts so her hands are strong " 1...2 ...3 Puuuuuush " harry said. and again. ouch my hand. then my turn came. "1..2...3 Puuush push babe puush" uuugh my hand just died. "just a bit mrs malik then you're done" the nurse said. "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah " crystal screamed. Sana is out. we heard a loud cry. the nurses cleaned up baby sana. and went out. " BABY SARAH IS HEEERE" Harry shouted. "Harry..its Sana and not Sarah" i said laughing. "oh" i held her in my arms. wow she' beautiful. brown curly hair. aaw. i gave her harry and he started touching her nose. "whoos the cute baby sana? yooooure the cute baby sana..shes beautiful.." harry gave her Crystal. She had tears in her eyes. "ssh shes opening her eyes" she said smiling.

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