The Heart of a Guitar

The story is about a moonlight romance, set on a beautiful beach as the sun goes down. Niall and Gabriel have the best night of they lives.


1. A Summers Evening

It was perfect, the sun was going down and it was a beautiful sunset. The waves were rolling effortlessly on the beach, back and forth, back and forth. The smell of evening air drifting though the open window. Everything was calm but she couldn't help but feel an exhilarating sense of excitement. Gabriel started to get ready. She put on her favourite blue dress which fluttered down to her ankles. She let her long brown hair lose over her shoulders. Just as Gabriel had finished getting ready, she heard a knock at the door. She knew it was him. Gabriel slowly walked across the room, holding her hand out to open the door. There he was, his blonde hair windswept but cute and his blue eyes gleaming at the sight of Gabriel. He was wearing some knee height shorts and a red top. "You look beautiful", he said taking hold of her hand. "Thanks", Gabriel replied looking into his shining eyes. She knew that something big was going to happen tonight, she could just feel it. "Shall we go?" He asked,
"Yes of course, where are we going?",
"Some where special".
Niall lead Gabriel down to the beach. Her breath caught in her throat, it was amazing. There was little candles light all the way around the beach and a big towel placed down in the middle. Niall sat Gabriel down and picked up his guitar. He started to play 'what makes you beautiful'. Gabriel was overwhelmed that tears of joy started to well in her eyes, this was the best night of her life and it was about it get better. After Niall had finished, he took her hand and lead her down to the waters edge. They slipped off their shoes and paddle in the water. Splashing each other and laughing. A little while later, they sat down to have some food, they were little cupcakes and little cubes of fruit. Gabriel noticed that they were two champagne glasses sticking out of the basket. Niall noticed Gabriel looking and said "Would you like some?",
"Ohh, yes please", Gabriel replied happily.
Niall handed her the glass and she noticed something in the bottom, it was a ring! A ring of pure sliver with a little heart on top. Niall reached out and took her hand, "Gabriel Boyce , will you marry me?........." .
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